Crunch time

And so, the Greatest Election Ever (TM) is around 36 hours or so from completion, and at least according to our friends at, a McCain surge is under say (he appears to have doubled his chances for winning over the weekend, from around 3% to 6%)… as the late Tim Russert posited in 2000 that it was “Florida, Florida, Florida” and as John Kerry moved to Ohio in 2004, in 2008, it might be “the commonwealths,” Virginia and Pennsylvania (in our two other commonwealth/states, Mass. is in the bag for Obama and Kentucky for McCain). He who wins both wins the election; simple as that.
Well, well. After a disappointing finish in yesterday’s ING NYC Marathon of over 5 3/4 hours [weather again a factor, this time confounding me with the cold, leading to a wardrobe malfunction!], thus effectively slowing down in all four of this fall’s marathons as I get inexorably older, but at least bringing the NYC count up to 8 in a row and overall marathons at 22 (in 11 states)… And so… today, it’s off to work I go, and then…
Off to suburban Philadelphia tomorrow, for my place manning the Barackades as an election monitor, where I’ll be stationed from dawn to way past dusk. The things I do for my college classmate Barack… Anyway, if you haven’t voted yet… get out there and vote… FOR BARACK.
That is all.
Update: Our friends at fivethrityeight revised their estimates, back to McCain under 4%, based on the polling data. Well… these things happen in The Greatest Election Ever (TM)!