Moralizing Creep Fitzgerald Rushes to Judgment… Again

How many times are we going to have to see that overbearing show-boating prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald bear down on a probably innocent person for some technicality? He did it with Martha Stewart while in New York’s United States Attorney’s office. He did it with that nice Scooter Libby (the President had to correct his overbearingness and commute Scooter’s sentence, and probably pardon Scooter outright in a few weeks) and now, he does it with that nice Governor Rod Blagojevich (Crook-IL).
Near as I can tell, Blagojevich’s “crime” was the excessive use of salty language. But I’m sorry: if you can’t say “fuck” then you can’t say “fuck the police,” as St. Lenny would say. Further, if you can’t conspire to commit bribery in the sanctified comfort of your own campaign headquarters, than where can you do it?
The main problem here seems to be that the State of Illinois doesn’t pay its civil servants nearly enough, which is why so many of them have to seek outside sources of income just to make ends meet. (Barack “Goody-Too-Shoes” Obama already had his book advances, and he had that job as a profeessor lecturer at the University of Chicago, for example). Poor Governor Blagojevech, after six years of penury in service to the state, had a major cash need. So, it seems, he did the enterprising thing, and was looking out for his family.
And along comes this prurient, prying prick Fitzgerald and bugs the poor man’s office, not to mention his telephones. For all we know, he had people like Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. Candidate 5 speak to him wearing wires. And so, it seems, just doing what any good businessman does– trying to appraise the value of the asset you are holding– is now twisted by Fitzgerald into some kind of a federal case. Jeez.
Regular readers are well aware of how much of a police state we have already become. And now, not even our humble governors are above the suspicion of runaway prosecutors. Just what is this country coming to?