Yet more stimuluating conversation

The Grey Lady reports that the Senate Democrats (yes those Senate Democrats) may have realized that, in fact, they don’t need 60 votes to pass anything, given that Joe Biden is the Vice-President and Minnesota still hasn’t seated a Senator, 50 votes will be just fine… and so, it seems, they are prepared to go forth and pass the President’s economic stimulus package, the Republicans and their quite-literally-enemies-of-the-people obstructionism be damned.
And, Al Giordano, the man with his ear to the pulse of organizing (as led by our community organizer President), lays out how the President is, of course, organizing the national movement that will be set in motion to make the economic recovery bill a reality (with or without the Republicans, who seem to believe in the zero-sum game that trapped pre-Obama Democrats, i.e., they can only win if the Democrats… and everyone else, of course… lose).
The President will have a nationally televised press conference on Monday night (remember those? It’s been eight years since we had anything approaching coherence in that department…) to push home the stimulus package (of course after a weekend of house parties and organizational groundwork.)
Ever since we “cut the cable,” I’ve been pleased to be beyond the distractions of the chattering asses on cable, who tell us crap like at just over two weeks in, Obama’s already a failure because he hasn’t erased the national debt, invented cold fusion, eliminated death and led the Cubs to a World Series championship… well, screw them. It seems Obama is right on track to pass one of the most important pieces of progressive legislation in decades… let’s all have his back on this one, and see if we can’t get this economy moving again, perhaps for the first time in, oh 28 years… in a way consistent with social justice…
Just saying…