Logical Conundrums

We start with new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele telling Glenn Beck that there is just no reason for anyone to trust anything that the Republican Party now says.
Then, we’ll throw in Sen. Arlen Specter (R as in Running for Reelection – PA) and his observation that Republicans like the stimulus package just fine (after all, it has hundreds of billions of irresponsible tax cuts, and the most-actually- stimulative parts were surgically removed)… it’s just that they don’t want their own fingerprints on it. This, at least, is consistent with the final passage of the bill in which only three Republicans in the entire Congress (Specter and Snowe and Collins of Maine) voted for.
And it’s also all consistent with Jane Hamsher’s observation that bipartisanship
is dead
Will the Obama Administration “get it”… and realize that the Republicans are at this point… what Michael Steele said