Fair is fair

Former Vice President Dick Cheney [my interview with the former V.P. is here] has suggested that, while the Obama Administration is weakening the United States and doing other “unhelpful” things like shaking hands with [Bush Administration Creation] Hugo Chavez… the Obama Administration was giving us a misleading assessment of torture in its release of Bush-era torture memos by… wait for it… not releasing memos showing all the successes generated by torture.
Poor Vice President Cheney. First we held back the memos showing the evidence of WMDs in Iraq and Saddam’s direct links to al Qaeda, and now the Obama Administration is holding back all the memos showing the successes generated by America’s reenactments of the Spanish Inquisition and Roman and Mongol Empires. Indeed, the Obama Administration is doubtless also holding back memos setting forth evidence of extraterrestrial life.
It all just doesn’t seem fair, does it?