Health is the war of the state

Just a couple of quickies.
First, this wonderful satiric (or is it?) explanation of health insurance by analogizing it to “hunger insurance” by Dmitri Orlov of Club Orlov. Dmitri tells us about the likely coming collapse in ways we can at least laugh about, and hopefully, prepare ourselves and our families.
And Thomas Nephew tells us… that on health care, we gettin’ out-organized. Simple answer, while many of the thugs disrupting the loathsome “town halls” are indeed, paid for their activities, many are not… there is a passion on “the other side” that the incoherent complexity and mixed messages (such as Democrats selling out the public option before we even start) means that there is no comparable passion on “our side”… even as, for example, polling shows 8 in 10 favor “the public option.”
Well, in our polyglot society (which, let’s face it, is held together by a widely held irrational belief in the super-powers of capitalism, and that all of us will be filthy rich any day now)… agglomerations of power and money are where it’s at… as for the rest of us… well, this has been “health is the war of the state”.