And then there were…

Greenwald tells us about the resignation of Phil Carter as the DOD official in charge of detainee affairs, a job once held by Cully Stimson. Carter, a former blogger and staunch critic of the Bush Administration’s detainee policies… got to watch the Administration he helped elect… adopt the same policies, lock, stock and barrel (only throwing in the element of going back to the loathsome Congress for even more dictatorial authority).
Supposedly, Carter’s resignation, after less than a year in office, was for
“personal” rather than “policy” reasons. Well, Carter, a lawyer and former Captain in the Army, is a good soldier in the Colin Powell model of not publicly criticizing the boss. He joins Greg Craig as a friend-of-the-Constitution who has abruptly up and left the Obama Administration. Is personnel destiny?
Don’t know. Given the events that have transpired as explained in my most recent posts… just color me… horrified.