Irony continues death-spiral

A sense of humor is now an essential piece of survival equipment, and headlines like this continue to make me wonder if The Onion hasn’t gone on a massive acquisition binge of every other news organization on the planet.
Since, if one is handsome and glib enough, and gets elected President while not being named “Bush” or “Clinton,” he now gets a “peace prize” for escalating a war (and more importantly– far more importantly– for failing to a God damned thing to end the pointless carnage in Iraq), I’m wondering how we can adequately honor the other two elements of the triad of our time, to wit, “ignorance is strength” and “freedom is slavery.”
Ah… we have the Copenhagen meeting on global warming flooding coming up… maybe Obama can work on the rest of his Orwell there… he might consider taking a lesson or two from our newest sidebar member, Students for an Orwellian Society. Then again, given his policies on state secrets, torture accountability, military commissions and the like… maybe he should actually be teaching the course… (as opposed to just being paid to teach, like back at the U. of Chicago.)
Just saying.