When questioned by an irrelevant member of the irrelevant minority party, Attorney General Eric Holder suggested that if Osama bin Laden were captured, he would not be read his Miranda warnings… because he won’t be captured… er, he won’t be captured alive.
And this is precisely why we will not, ever, win the so-called “war on terror”. The terrorists have already won. Yes, Attorney General Holder was on track when he suggested to John Culberson, the moron Republican from Texas (excuse the redundancy) that OBL would have comparable rights to Charles Manson. But then the Congressman deked and suggested that “most of the American people” no longer favor Constitutional rights as evidence by their overwhelming selection of one Senator from Massachusetts. And Holder took the bait. Rather than saying something like, “Well, Congressman, I suggest your view– that people charged with crimes by the United States Government somehow lack Constitutional rights– is an outlier and anathema view that neither the largely Republican appointed Supreme Court nor anyone else without their head up their ass would ever view as anything but a stupid, totalitarian, UNAMERICAN position… we are not Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, nor is OBL some kind of super-human uber villain requiring us to suspend the rules for him. Doing so was an incredible mistake by the Bush Administration. Ultimately, it says more about us than him, and is BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT RECRUITING TOOL AL QAEDA HAS OR WIILL EVER HAVE. And the Underpants Bomber got read his rights because that’s what we do. It’s not about whether we might somehow “get more information” from a torture chamber, even if we would (which anyone without their head up their ass will tell you is as ineffective as it is evil and wrong and illegal and stupid.) No, Holder didn’t say anything like THAT.
Instead, Holder did the expedient thing, and adopted the Neanderthal moron Republiscam asshole caveman shithead Congressman’s (sorry for the redundancy) idiotic totalitarian worldview and frame, suggesting that the question was irrelevant because OBL will simply never be brought in. Er, brought in ALIVE, Yes, that’s it.
And that’s too bad. Because, you see, it seems that OBL is actually an actual criminal, on the FBI Most Wanted list and everything! Tee hee– he really IS a criminal just like Charlie Manson! Nothing, you see, would make him smaller than to have to do a perp walk, and then enter a plea, and then sit next to a lawyer in a suit as the charges against him are read out. NOTHING.
We have so lost our way. We are such losers. And it starts right here, right now, with this fundamental issue, for which we THOUGHT that “Constitutional scholar” Barack Obama would make the forefront of his program. Boy were we wrong. So I’ll just say it: a nation without the courage to follow its own laws is no longer a nation worth defending. It all happened so quickly, so seamlessly.
This has been… “Huh?”