Courage under fire

Right now, I’m asking for yours: take action to assist Col. Darrel Vandeveld, who is under attack by our military for the crime of… wait for it… discharging his duty honorably and refusing to dishonor the flag and his uniform by engaging in misconduct as a Guantanamo military commissions prosecutor with respect to the case of tortured juvenile Mohammad Jawad (who has been released, btw) (via Candace)..
My own interview with Col. Vandeveld is here. Col. Vandeveld is a genuine American hero: a man of conscience, who answered the call and was willing to prosecute military commissions defendants to the full extent of the law… until he found out that the circumstances of the prosecutions– both the disarray of the so-called :”evidence” against these defendants, and the abuse they suffered at the hands of American and coalition forces– precluded him, or anyone else, from ethically doing so.
People of good will are under attack now. This is not North Korea, or China, or Cuba, or the Soviet Union. This is the supposed “land of the free and home of the brave”– a country whose political “leaders” are so -crap-in-their-pants-scared that they are lashing out in any direction so they can blame someone else for terrorism… and men and women of honor, such as Col. Vandeveld, or habeas lawyers, are just today’s target of opportunity for the feckless political opportunists who disgrace our Congress and military and executive branch with their anti-American sentiments.
With whatever energy we have left in our bodies and souls… I urge you to take appropriate action. No… I DEMAND it. Because today… it’s “them.” Tomorrow… it’s the rest of us.