Who’s there?

Andy writes to advise that he has updated both his definitive Guantanamo prisoner’s list and an index to his archives. For those of us interested in the specifics of the nuts and bolts of America’s little foray into The Dark Side If You Will (TM), Andy’s painstaking work has been utterly indispensable.
One does hope that Andy’s work will be a key resource for the time when this nation’s quite irrational obsession with “terrrrorism” will be seen with the same clear-eyed regret with which we now look back on similar hysterics of the past, such as the post-World War I Palmer Raids, the Japanese internments of World War II, or the McCarthy era blackballings of the early Cold War. (Many Americans, of course, do look back on those events with somewhat teary eyed nostalgia, which… does explain a great deal.)