Perfect 10 (10…10…)

10 October 2010… a day that will live in… anniversary… as MSNBC tells us of an unusually high number of weddings on this numerically auspicious day. An interesting Sunday curiosity, to be sure.
Hey, I like this sort of thing. I’m delighted to hear that there may soon be hope for the rescue of 33 miners in Chile.
Happy news in what now passes for our civilized world… [for those wondering what irks me in particular, WaPo hits the nail with this discussion of the outrageous use of the “state secrets defense” to cover a multitude of governmental sins in… secrecy. Just the tip of the iceberg of course… the perfect analogy, as most of the iceberg is… out of view…]
And so, as I took my holiday weekend jog around lower Manhattan, going by “the Mosque”… a sad looking building on Park Place guarded by two NYPD police officers (who, I hope to God have been removed from Rudy’s personal security detail that I understand the City’s taxpayers– like me– are paying for), and a Brooklyn Bridge walkway dominated by picture taking tourists (bring us your tired, your poor, your euros…)… and spending much of the day with the family… on a picture perfect day weatherwise here… we picked some carrots from the roof container garden… and had some milkshakes at our neighborhood Brooklyn soda fountain… maybe this is as good as it gets…
Or something.