April First Greetings

Obviously, since this is my April 1st edition, everything I write here is some kind of April Fool’s joke. That’s how it’s been pretty much through the run of this blog. But I’m not going to go give you, say, a blockbuster April Fool’s Day interview, like I have in the past with, say, Rumsfeld, Cheney or Palin. Just, you know… interviewed out. So this year… I’m going to “keep it real,” and just give you April Fool’s Day… straight up.
So, for example, the [hilarious!] idea that it would be House Republicans trying to curb the terms of the NDAA statute to, say, limit the power of the executive to arbitrarily detain whomever the President wishes, say, citizens if nothing else, has got to be some kind of a joke. I suppose they’re the ones who will stand up to that mean old Mr. Holder, who couldn’t possibly be wrong in suggesting that it is perfectly legal for the President to execute anyone he wants, Bill of Rights be damned. I mean, these are the same House Republicans who liken America’s immigration detention facilities to campus holidays. Those House Republicans, man. Kind of makes me all warm and fuzzy– like I want to go out and build my own Museum of Creationism, or something.
No, that can be real.
Neither can, say, the Obama Administration be doing its utmost to make the Bush Administration look like a model of transparency when compared to it.
Or that “the Walmart of Weed” will be opening in Washington, D.C. Or of course, the government needn’t trouble itself with monitoring the patrons of such a cornucopia of cannibis… it can just spy on you through your major appliances.
Nope. I’d better stop this here. Sorry this has gotten to be rather tasteless on my part. So… please forgive me. This has been… April First Greetings.
And don’t get me started on “Health Care Reform.”