Happy Easter

It’s a nice day; let the President play golf, says I (after we lay out our preconditions to talks with Iran presumably to assure that there won’t be any.)
Sadly, long-time CBS news staple Mike Wallace passed way, though at 93, he certainly had a nice run.
Of course, given the reports of the potential for the spent-fuel rods at Fukushima , Japan to discharge perhaps 85 times the radiation released from Chernobyl, and likely take out much of Earth’s life… he may be among the luckier ones. Also, the fact that their home might soon be uninhabitable should give some solace to the people of Catalina Island, California, for whom gasoline prices have passed $7/gallon.
That sort of “destruction of civilization” thing kind of takes the thunder away from everything else, really. We can pay less attention to the fact that the United States Government is training an Iranian group that the U.S. State Dept. classifies as terrorists (and naturally has ties to the killing of Americans). [Hey, I hear the Knicks took one from the Bulls today…]
Happy Easter, everyone (and a Zissen Pesach to my lantsmen.)