Department of irony department

Chris Cillizza of WaPo ordinarily devotes his life to the conventional wisdom, i.e., being a legitimate heir to the late David Broder of WaPo… and, needless to say, being a useful repository of… conventional wisdom.
Color me surprised by this sudden reality check on the part of… Mr. Cillizza… who gives us this compilation noting that political donors of meaning, to wit, the ones who donate big enough that politicians pay attention (not to mention do their bidding…) number barely 31,385 in this whole freaking country of 300,000,000 people…… he also links to this even more useful piece… WOW. Just wow.
The point seems obvious… these one-one hundredth of one per cent (to wit, .01per cent of the population) are the feudal lords… the rest of us just live in their world… as some kind of feudal vassal, or outright peasant… they actually own this world. Way to go Chris. We’ve suspected this to be true… but now you’ve provided us the numbers.
I hope you keep your job after telling us this.