Thirty-five years

That’s the sentence handed down by a military court-martial to Bradley Manning for leaking evidence of the United States’s war crimes and other acts of malfeasance. The idea is to deter others who might have the audacity to try to let the public know what their government is up to. Hell– the government was arguing for an even longer sentence– of sixty years or more, to assure that Manning would die in prison for having the audacity to tell the American people what their government and military are doing in their name with their tax money. Damn him.
Of course, it bears noting that our government recently begged a country headed by a former KGB Colonel to hand back one of our citizens, assuring Russia that we [probably] wouldn’t torture Edward Snowden [too much].
Interesting times. Do you not think we’re living in 1984, only maybe even “new and improved”? Well… reminds me (albeit tepidly) of how Candace [and to some extent, I] were muzzled by this Administration shortly after it assumed power.
But go ahead, alleged progressives, and tell me about “lesser of two evils” and all…