“You’re welcome.”

Isn’t “you’re welcome” what we’re supposed to say to the people we’ve “liberated,” whenever the inevitable results of our magnanimous intervention in their affairs results in a gift from Wonder-Working providence? One such case is Iraq… featuring the fall of Mosul, Iraq (as well as, previously, Fallujah) to Islamist Sunni insurgents called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (“ISIS”). One would think that, perhaps, an American embassy garrison force of some kind– and a hell of a lot of mercenaries security contractors– might be of some assistance… but evidently, the Iraqis are, ahem, on their own, by and large. Presumably, this is the sort of shape of things to come– as a spent American military that has already overstretched itself breaking things is simply in no position to even attempt trying to patch them back together…
Meanwhile, of course, as world’s third-largest-oil-producer Iraq is racked by an insurgency, our relations with numbers one and two (that would be Russia and Saudi Arabia– the order is unclear these days)… aren’t so good. Russia might be a little pissed about lots of things, such as our pissing in its cornflakes over Ukraine, or perhaps our apparent preparations for nuclear war (that sort of thing might piss off China too… not to mention anyone on Earth with a brain… or a pulse…) And our relations with Saudi have been somewhat hampered by… Syria
Iran… and perhaps Iraq, now… even as we fantasize (as in “pipe dream”.. or pipeline dream) of being the Saudi Arabia of fracking, or some such nonsense…
Anyway, we are being outplayed diplomatically everywhere, and honestly, while one never thinks a seemingly minor (albeit visible) plenipotentiary like “Secretary of State” matters that much, it seems replacing Hillary’s Brain in Search of a Haircut with John Kerry’s Haircut in Search of a Brain… has been a huge net loss for the United States… in every conceivable way.
Oh well… Does anyone remember the “Pottery Barn Rule” often espoused by Colin Powell and RIchard Armitage, to the effect of “you break it, you buy it”… referring specifically to Iraq? Well, we sure as Shell or Chevron broke it… funny how we seem to be avoiding the bill though.
“You’re welcome.”