Rock [star] paper scissors

One wondering what would take the situation in Ukraine (now featuring a Russian aid convoy on its way to Eastern Ukraine which, as Brother Dmitry observes, will likely be delayed or outright barred from entry while the Ukrainians figure out how to shake it down) off of the front page, might think, “the situation in Gaza.”
There, of course, a tentative cease-fire seems to be holding, as both sides may have achieved their respective political ends from pummeling Palestinian civilians (or in the case of Hamas, getting them pummeled), fulfilling Clausewitz’s famous axiom that war is just politics by other means. But what could take that off the front page?
Perhaps events in Iraq, where long-time unreliable American puppet Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki finally resigned amidst pressure to have someone else take that role, as the “Islamist State of Syria and Iraq” or “ISIS” (sometimes known as ISIL, sometimes known as the latest group of Saudi/Qatari-backed extremist nuts to overrun an already bad neighborhood) as the humanitarian situation worsens.. and American airstrikes, air drops (which Brother Dmitry notes will hopefully help the Devil worshippers) and shit.. which will probably help our friends in Kurdistan.
Now that seems awfully impressive… I wonder what could take the possible reentry of this country into a war in Iraq off the front page?
Of course: big celebrity news, specifically, Mortis Mork (apparently, at his own hand). While I liked Robin Williams just fine, his suicide wasn’t, in my view, even the premier celebrity death of the moment, notwithstanding that in terms of media coverage, it utterly and totally blew away the death of the much more culturally important Lauren Bacall (our old neighbor in Greenwich Village, btw) just a few weeks short of her 90th birthday.
But hey… being disposable is the highest American value is it not? And hence… rock star smashes scissors and the front page of the paper! (We’ll have to do something to keep Ferguson, MO out of the papers and air-time soon too… while martial law demonstrations, such as last year’s Boston Marathon false-flag attack terrorist bombing and the resultant lock down of the nation’s tenth largest metropolitan area are useful in their own right… we don’t want to make it too obvious for the rubes.)
Anyway, you didn’t think our highest value was breathable air, did you? My own lungs are finally filling up with crappy American air again after a brief lungs-clearing sojourn to our neighbor to the North, to compete in my first international event, Saint John, NB’s Marathon by the Sea (running it being the easy part, compared to the 11 hour drive each way).
Oh well… this has been Rock [star] paper scissors. Now back to you, Wolf Blitzer!