Gaypril Fools

Thanks to our buddies at The Onion, noting that [Arkansas-based] Walmart Vows to Defend Whichever Gays Buy Their Cheap Sh*t. A perfectly reasonable observation, given that Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who signed a bill into law that was expressly designed to allow open discrimination against Black gay people in Indiana was itself an early April Fool’s joke… he just wants to “clarify” that.
And, of course, the U.S. unemployment rate is at a seven year low at 5.5%, stocks are at or near record highs, and (as usual), the major force for diplomacy is the United States the European Union Russia, in this case, Russia’s foreign minister is suggesting that a deal with Iran over nuclear issues may be in the offing.
California may have In-N-Out Burger… but evidently, it doesn’t have… water… as Gov. Moonbeam Brown imposes mandatory water restrictions on everyone in the State… for the first time ever, requiring a 25% reduction in water usage.
And, in light of his efforts to reach a nuclear deal with Iran, Michelle Bachmann compares President Obama with the evidently deranged German pilot Andreas Lubitz, to wit, Obama is a deranged pilot flying the 300 million souls of America toward the rocks, just as Lubitz flew the 150 souls on the Germanwings flight… Come on, people… it was obviously a Gaypril Fools joke. Give it a rest.