Human decency delayed…

I’m a little slow on the uptake (nothing unusual there)… Andy reports that Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained at GTMO, is being released. He had been cleared for release for the last several years, but… well… see above re: “human decency delayed.”
In the end, we as a nation seem to prefer our military having “a presence” in the vast majority of the world’s nations, engaging in wars on terror, drugs, and on nations that refuse to abide by American capitalism and foreign policy, even as the cost of maintaining such a vast military infrastructure is the utter decline of our own infrastructure, be it transportation, education, healthcare, energy transmission, soil health, or frankly, you name it. More important we show that we are “strong.” Strong defined as scared shitless of men like Shaker Aamer, a father of four, who, hopefully, will soon be reunited with his family.
This is an extraordinarily welcome development, as well as long overdue. Let’s hope that the lack of a UK resident at GTMO will not dampen the enthusiasm of Brits toward ending the GTMO project (and its progeny)… including the use of “British” territory Diego Garcia by the American military for God knows what.