People’s right to know… bwa ha ha ha

Item: Don’t think perhaps the most evil corporation on a planet already dominated by evil corporations the Monsanto corporation will take the proposal in California to label glysophate (a key component of its Roundup weedkiller product) as a likely carcinogen lying down, as that company is suing to stop any kind of public notification of any kind of the [insane public health] risks posed by its products.
Item: Don’t think that children as young as three or four years old can’t represent themselves in immigration court as they are facing removal from the United States, sayeth a government official responsible for, among other things, training immigration judges.
Item: Don’t think that putative Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, in an apparent stunning reversal, wouldn’t say that he won’t order American military personnel to commit various war crimes.
Don’t think that the U.S. Supreme Court, now with only eight justices, wouldn’t stay a lower court order which would have effectively reduced the number of abortion providers in Louisiana to only one.
I’m sensing a theme here… well… don’t think about it!