Happy June

And happy birthday to TD mother-in-law, now 85 years young.
Your talking dog is pleased to have made it through the worst part of an appendectomy (that being… the appendectomy) and looks forward to… recovering.
And another day, another month even, and more of same in American politics…
The Grey Lady’s Tom Friedman tries to give equal “untruth” values to statements of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Have to admire the Establishment’s pluck in its unwavering support of Hillary, even as (sadly, behind paywall), one-time Bill Clinton pollster Doug Schoen observes that a Bernie win in California and he might well be the nominee, given the rest of Hillary’s… baggage.
Meanwhile, court documents released in California show that some of its own workers regarded the now defunct Trump University as a “lie” and “scheme.” I’m betting that Mr. Trump will manage to avoid having his eponymous “university” cause him too much political damage; the one way he can be derailed however, is suggested by actual billionaire Mark Cuban, that is, Trump isn’t even really a billionaire (and indeed, has far less money than he pretends). Americans will forgive a liar, a blowhard, a racist, or just an all-around asshole… but we will not forgive someone who isn’t actually rich.