Now is the Autumn of our Discontent?

Donny Trump, Jr., The Younger Donald (TM) has been on a tear lately , appealing to White supremacists ,and neo-nazis galore, sayeth Media Matters. The latest, comparing a handful of hypothetical Skittles from a bowl containing three poison ones to Syrian refugees, an “analogy” which originated in the Nazi propaganda machine, is, evidently, just the latest in a rather loud and clear appeal to this particular demographic (i.e. White supremeacists and neo-Nazis).
I hearken back to my own post from June, noting the uncanny comparisons between Trump rallies and Nuremberg-style rallies of an Austrian-born dictator of the not too distant past, and the Democrats insistence on running a flawed candidate against him– one who might well lose to him, unleashing God knows what on the rest of us.
And here we are. And we are left having to support that flawed candidate (even as Hillary Clinton can’t even seem to tell the truth about her own medical condition) , because, for a change, the lesser of two evils actually is far less evil than… well… the extreme evil– that the Republicans have chosen as their standard-bearer.