Ya’ think?

A Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans surveyed do not believe that Cheeto Jesus the most unqualified man ever to be elected president [tm] President Elect Donald Trump is capable of doing the job of President. This is in sharp contrast to his three immediate predecessors, for example, each of whom had significant a majority of Americans expressing confidence in their likely performance. Perhaps Mr. Trump’s extraordinary divisiveness at the moment he might be expected to be drawing towards national unity has something to do with this… or maybe the public (the significant majority who did not vote for him) realize he is an unrepentant asshole.
Whatever the actual situation… we’re going to find out if what we always suspected to be the case is true, that being that much of the job of President is pretty rote, or handled by the cadres of careerists, or, by and large, not particularly heavy lifting.
Because if that isn’t true… we are probably in for a sh*t-storm,