The Rosetta Stone

Could this Politico piece linking the Hasidic Jewish group Chabad, Putin’s Russia and Trump amount to a “unified field theory of #Trumprussia”?
Certainly, many of the names are there; I believe that, perhaps, a Rosetta “Bayrock” might be a better explanation, as that name has come up before. Obviously, my good friend Donald J. Putin follows the issue more closely than I.
Now that it seems, at a superficial level (an extraordinarily superficial level, because it is bullshit), an argument can be made that the gratuitous firing of 59 (why that number?) Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase somehow takes the Trump/Russia/election interference issue off the table. Those paid to make this argument make it notwithstanding that Syrian jets have taken off from the very airfield we supposedly bombed to oblivion… which, of course, supports the premise that the whole thing is a damned kabuki, possibly even involving the Russians orchestrating the chemical weapons attack precisely so that Trump could launch missiles and look “presidential.”
In short, anything goes and nothing matters; the problem is, if you live in, say, Syria, you are under assault from the Russian-backed regime, the “rebels,” the Islamic State, and God knows whom else… and Mr. Donald J. “I care so much about the widdle Syrian children” Trump also purports to bar those fleeing the violence there from entering this country as refugees no matter how “extreme vetted” they might be. And since governance by the cable-t.v.-news-cycle might not properly consider the “consequences” of impulsive action, we don’t know what they will be.
Of course, Neil Gorsuch has been shoved down our throats as the next Supreme Court justice… so the question becomes how much longer Mr. Trump will be needed, particularly if the vaunted competence and thoughtfulness he showed with the health care dismembering reform is applied to tax cut for millionaires and billionaires reform and “infrastructure”? Damned if I know.
Still, it seems like most of what we need to know is out there in front of us; the irony is how few hearts and minds knowing the actual objective truth will change.