I am pleased to announce that Donald J. Putin on American Exceptionalism: It’s Not You, It’s Just America Being America is now available for pre-order on Amazon, per that link. Release date for the kindle version is Hillary’s birthday (and mine)– Saturday, 26 October. I hope to have the paperback ready to go by next week– but just a different set of logistics. I promised you all a literary project- or even more than one- at the beginning of the year, and by God, here it is.
(Yes, that means that I am ghost-writing for my friend, Donald J. Putin. LOL.)
Maybe there will be another literary project before the year is out. Or maybe there won’t be. Don’t know.
Also, finished marathon #57 in flat sea-level Atlantic City on Sunday– almost the same time as the mountainous Adirondack Marathon a few weeks ago.
Well, the Drumpf shit-show rolls on. Some extremely damaging testimony against Drumpf by diplomat William Taylor— but somehow, Drumpf can’t seem to be accountable.
Well… shit’s bigger than him. As I tell you… in the book!