This blog turns 21

Yes, just like 9-11, which turned 21 last week, this blog turns 21 today. Yee ha. Meaning an entire generation has grown up without knowledge of either a pre 9-11 or a pre-talking dog world.

Obviously the two are in parallel. We learned that America finally turned its perpetual war to justify the military industrial complex against the American population itself. This all still seems troubling, even 21 years later.

People might be surprised to learn that in the early days of blogging, the red and blue teams would actually socialize with each other. We were capable of talking about things besides conflicting politics. But by the time the Iraq war broke out, battle lines were forever drawn between red and blue. And a few years later, the Barack vs. Hillary divide further split the blue team into hostile camps. And don’t get me started about Bernie. Or Trump. Of course eventually Facebook came along and fucked up everything else that wasn’t already fucked up, including what was left of American democracy.

I’ve tried to observe the world as I could, and bring you not just my own reflections, but interviews with some of the most interesting people around to give you theirs. Perhaps my personal perspective changed between back when I was pushing 40 and now as I am pushing 60. Or perhaps I’m bizarrely consistent. I leave that to others to decide.

I hope I’ve been edifying to my readers here. I made some of my best friends via this format as well. As I move through the back 9 of life, however, life has started to really get in the way of things this year. So blogging has been even less frequent than it was before, as if that were possible.

I don’t know what the future holds, or if it holds anything at all for any of us. But I’ll try to hang in there, and I hope you’ll hang in there as well. I’ll be as surprised as anyone if I’m writing this in another 21 years, but then who thought I’d be doing this for 21 years as it is?

Alrighty then.