I confess to being exhausted after all these years. But imagine if you were a guest of our military and intelligence services at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Inconceivable that a human being could stand the overt torture, punctuated with the boredom, and overlaid with the uncertainty of whether you will leave the place in a coffin, as nine men have. And yet, 30 men are still there. And have been for decades. 22 years as if today. And 16 men have been cleared for transfer by our national security services.

The reality is that most Americans accepted Barack Obama and his drumbeat of closing GTMO and erroneously believe he did. But he didn’t. After inheriting just over 200 prisoners from George W. Bush, he handed Donald Trump 41 prisoners. And Trump handed Joe Biden 40 prisoners, now down to 30.

And so, I attended yet another commemoration on the steps of the NY Public Library, with, among other compelling speakers, Jessica Murphy, the daughter of a man killed on 9 11, with the group September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, describing her visit to the GTMO military commissions, and her conclusion that it was just a self serving charade, and justice would not be coming.

The speakers and the commemoration were moving, as always. Most moving don’t even know GTMO is still open, but at least we maintain our vigils. I confess that as 2024 starts and the terrifying possibility of a second Trump Administration looms, my exhaustion remains. But fortunately, so does my anger.