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July 23, 2003, The Constitution Lives!

With thanks to Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left, we give you this story on the dismissal of part of indictment against attorney Lynne Stewart. United States District Judge John Koeltl in Manhattan dismissed two of the charges against Stewart (and her Arabic translator) for "supporting a terrorist organization" as unconstitutionally vague.

The Bush Administration is about the bully pulpit-- key word, bully. Lynne Stewart herself would probably not be deterred from representing the likes of Sheikh Abdul Rahman in the future, but others likely would be, knowing that such a defense might risk getting oneself indicted. Just like CIA operatives now know that the Administration will be free to out them at any time, for political jollies not related to "national security", they will be more "careful" about expressing policy disagreements. And need I say it, but just questioning Bush policies on anything seems to carry a standing charge of lack of patriotism, if not outright treason.

So-- good for Judge Koeltl, I say. Lesser charges against Stewart are still pending, but far less serious than those dismissed. Thank God there is still courage in members of our judiciary-- the judiciary branch may the last bastion against executive branch overreaching (or tyranny, as I like to call it!)

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