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October 1, 2003, Thank You Girl

With just under a week to go to the big California recall election, independent wildwoman candidate Arianna Huffington withdrew from the race, suggesting that her withdrawal was the best chance of preventing Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger from taking the governorship.

Polls (for whatever they're worth) show incumbent Governor Gray Davis fading fast in his hopes of staving off the recall, and of course, Arnold picking up steam. State Senator Tom McClintock's decision not to drop out seems not to be bothering the Arnold juggernaut. Interestingly, and most expectedly, Green Party candidate Peter Camejo, in the best demonstration of what the Green Party is about, refuses to drop out, even if it will likely cost relatively progressive candidate Democratic Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante the race. The Green Party, you see, has proven to be just a cynical group designed as a Republican insurance policy-- siphoning off support that otherwise would go to Democratic candidates (especially in close elections) and make sure Republicans are elected. The theory, I suppose, is that things will get so bad that a progressive revolution will ensue. (Let me just say that I have nothing but contempt for the Green Party, and it can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.)

We'll see. Neither Davis nor Bustamante are particularly appealing figures, but then, ironically, neither is Arnold when you get right down to it. The only two candidates that seem to be speaking with any real conviction are... McClintock and Camejo. (Larry Flynt's campaign just hasn't gotten a rise out of the voters, either, nor has the other Arnold-- Gary Coleman-- gotten any traction.)

The name of the game, in the modern GOP, is, to quote another Californian named Davis (Al Davis, of Oakland Raiders fame), "Just win, baby".
As details of the fascinating recall develop, let me just say... I'll be back.

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