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October 17, 2003, Young Blood

I suppose it was inevitable: the 100th and 101st American combat deaths in Iraq since the President's (mission) declaration on the (accomplished) flight deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in May that (mission) "Major Combat Operations" (accomplished) were completed.

I am only speculating, of course, that had the decision been made in military terms instead of politically palatable terms, far more troops (and far fewer contractors) would have been deployed, and Iraqi security and infrastructure would be substantially in place by now. Oh-- and fewer American young men and women would have been killed or wounded, most likely. But Don Rumsfeld is smarter than Generals Franks, Shinseki and the other generals Don retired for disagreeing with him. Everyone knows that: he's the brains of this gang. (Who'd you think it was: Condi? Dubya?)

We all owe a debt to our soldiers, sailors, airmen (and women), marines and guardsmen (and women), who do their jobs with a dignity and competence that I just wish was reflected in the people who give them their orders. May they be brought home out of harm's way as soon as possible.

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