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April 15, 2004, By sundown, you bitter git Outta Dharan...

When I talked about tomorrow's terrorists in the last few posts, I didn't mean LITERALLY tomorrow-- but apparently, someone else did, as Americans have been ordered out of Saudi Arabia in anticipation of attacks against Western interests there.

I will just say that in light of OBL's purported taped message to Europe (we'll still get his ass this weekend-- just you wait), extended troop rotations ("we're terribly sorry", but seeing as we have the smallest military we have had since 1939, while insisting on deployments in 120 countries and the unwelcome occupation of 25 million people-- what did you all expect?) and, now, more AQ type terror in Saudi Arabia... (Whatever happened to "don't shit where you eat?" ) Oh well.

I suppose with all this good stuff going on, what DOES the President have to regret? Well, he couldn't think of anything...

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