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August 3, 2004, Sadly, it wasn't just the Mets' season dying...

Former New York Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy passed away at 79. He was a t.v. and radio announcer for the Mets from 1962 until 1981, and just radio from 1981 until last year, the first 42 seasons of Mets baseball, including the team's four pennants and two (Amazin') World Series wins.

Murphy's voice coming over the radio was one of the fixtures of life in New York (along with the probably more famous Phil Rizutto working the Yankees' games). Time passes, things move on. As I strolled around downtown Manhattan this evening, including by a heavily guarded stock exchange, I noted numerous tourists taking pictures of Federal Hall across from the stock exchange, and lots of people out, near "the target".

Life moves along. Mostly the way we're used to it; we can, of course, go crazy and make it different. Of course, those pulling the strings couldn't care less-- they are playing for how the rubes in the Swing States see this- not for Mets fans.

R.I.P. Bob Murphy.

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No one wants to chime in with the "happy" recap?

Posted by the talking dog at August 4, 2004 08:55 AM

Since the sainted Vin Scully is still active but getting along in years, I take notice of the passing of broadcasters (unless they're the newer ESPN ex-ballplayer types, in which case...). RIP indeed, Mr. Murphy.

Posted by Linkmeister at August 4, 2004 04:25 PM

Anyone who grew up in New York and was not a fan of the hated Yankees has great memories of Bob Murphy. He, along with Lindsey Nelson and Ralph Kiner, could keep you interested in a Met game in August when they were 25 games out. Guys like Felix Millan and Wayne Garrett and John Milner were made larger than life by Murphy. We would always be disappointed, and have our noses rubbed in dirt by our crosstown rivals. However, listening to Murphy on the beach or in the park, or on someone's front porch for a night game, always made it seem like the Mets had a chance. Bob hit nothing but line drives.

Posted by They Call Me Mr. Crabcake at August 4, 2004 06:49 PM

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