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August 7, 2004, More of that freedom we brought to Iraq

Prime Minister Allawi decided to take a page out of Paul Bremer's book, when he announced a 30 day closure of the Al Jazeera television network office in Baghdad. Allawi joins such notables as Paul Wolfowitz in asserting that the Qatar based television network, which is one of the few sources of images from the Iraqi theater and other parts of the Middle East, "incites violence."

Kind of funny, no? WE invade the place and kill over 10,000 Iraqis (and counting)-- and some television network is inciting violence. Come to think of it, its not funny, is it?

Well, Allawi is our boy: he is governing in the same ham-handed and heavy-handed manner as Bremer would (remember the brilliant move of closing Baby Sadr's toy newspaper that set off the Najaf battle-- which has recently picked up again?)l; doubtless, U.S. Ambassador John "I Brake for Right Wing Death Squads" Negroponte is, I'm sure, proud of his new vassal... er, pupil.

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