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The Art of Peace

another thoughtful blog, by the mysterious blogger “David”. David says his perspective is slightly to the left of center, but he covers a wide array of topics, such as international regions not oft covered in the blog world, from a careful, well-supported perspective.
TD Designation: Schnauzer

The Agitator

is the work of one Radley Balko (Bradley Ralko?), a freelance writer living in Alexandria, VA, working for Fox News and the Cato Institute; a libertarian, he lives with a Sharpei/Lab mix (and you all know what THAT means). Radley’s blogroll leans a bit to the right of his commentary, which I would describe as “classic libertarian government-skeptical”; too many so-called libertarians are just closet righties, but Radley strikes me as the real deal.
TD Designation:  Sharpei/Labrador Mix

Asymmetrical Information

is the work of pseudonymous bloggers Jane Galt and Mindles (that’s ONE S) Dreck.  The lovely Jane Galt (a pseudonym derived from Ayn Rand’s principal character John Galt in Atlas Shrugged, though Jane denies she is an Objectivist, or Randian) used to call her blog “Live from the World Trade Center” (she spent time as an office assistant at the clean-up site) but has adopted this moniker based on her interest in economics and business.  Mindles, another New York area blogger, has joined forces with Jane.  Jane is a major blogger, occasionally featured in the “mainstream media”.  The postings are well-written (VERY well written, actually), and from a distinctly right-side of the aisle perspective, arguably libertarian, but I would just say “rightie”.  Jane accepted a position with the State Department, which is why she limits the scope of the blog to economics issues.
TD Designation:  Mastiff


is the work of lovely New York area blogger Brooke, who happens to be the fiancée of dog run member Scott Ganz of Captain Scott’s Electric Love Bunker.  Asparagirl is herself a blog world superstar.  Her compact blogroll features (other than the Captain), wall to wall hard-ass righties.  This Penn Quaker don’t be believing in no silent meetings — she be kicking some ass, be it on war and peace matters, or on taking tough positions on Israel.  This is a very well written blog, even if taking stridently tough positions that I don’t necessarily agree with.
TD Designation:  Braque Saint Germain
[Asparagirl actually wrote in to set the record straight on Captain Scott – contrary to my slander of him as somehow on the “right”, he is actually a pro-war liberal Democrat.  Scott calls himself the “luckiest man in the blogosphere” as a reference to his relationship with Brooke (they BOTH sound lucky to me, if they dote on each other thusly!)  Scott is following some of his kin in the screenwriting business in LA (we’ll correct his “permanent record”).  In telling me this, if course, Asparagirl ended up on the dog run herself.  Go figure.]

Armed Liberal

claims it’s one of those “moving sites” –i.e., his stuff can now be viewed at Winds of Change, a sorta left group blog.
TD Designation:  Whippet

The Apostropher

(taglined “Doggedly Searching for the Crux of the Biscuit”) is the work of Russ, who tells us he is a technical writer from North Carolina. Russ joins the vast left wing conspiracy, with humorous and pointed commentary. Russ’s blogroll is, well, tiny, all sold lefty platinum (you missed one, buddy!)
TD Designation:  German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix

Alas, A Blog

is the work of the mysterious cartooning and blogging genius, Ampersand. Ampersand interjects thoughtful, extensive treatments of issues of the day, including theoretical bases for doctrinaire lefty positions (you’ll feel better A., if you just do what the OTHER SIDE does, and just say “I’m right, nyah!”), but you won’t often get this depth of treatment elsewhere. The blogroll is extensive and left-heavy, though the loyal opposition (you know what I mean) is represented as well.
TD Designation:  Alaskan Malamute

Ain’t No Bad Dude

is the blog of Brian Linse, recently back from a long blogging hiatus.  Brian is another fellow traveler, and if I am not mistaken, has some responsibility for “meta-blog” the Lefty Directory.
TD Designation: Corgie

The Agonist

Sean Paul Kelley’s free-thinking treatment of just about everything. I would loosely call this unique, intellectually challenging blog “libertarian” (that being the category I chose to classify myself on The Agonist’s interestingly organized blog roll).
TD Designation:  Greek Sheepdog

Amish Tech Support

is the product of Houston, Texas blogger Laurence Simon, and is a wild, irreverent treatment of, well, everything.  ATS has an immense blogroll, and the “approach” features many personal details (such as the activities of Laurence’s wife and their cat), and hard-ass rightie, pro- war outlooks.  There are times I have to avoid drinking soda while reading ATS, lest it come flying through my nose.
TD Designation:  Pit Bull Terrier

The Agnostic

is a brand new puppy of a blog (which knew enough who to link to, even in infancy!)  While we already have a Raving Atheist and an Agonist, we can now add an agnostic.  It’s often been asked, where are the fun-loving hard-ass righties on the blogosphere?  Why must people with relatively conservative views be so SERIOUS and MEAN-SPIRITED?  Well, folks, if the Agnostic can keep it up (BTW, I like HIS talking dog joke), we got ou’selves the answer to that question.
TD Designation:  Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever(if THAT’S not a fun-loving dog, I don’t know what is!!!)


is the stylish product of mysterious New York blogger Ravenwolf, and is an eclectic collection of just about everything (wait a minute, that’s the DEFINITION of eclectic); well, she DID describe her blog previously as the “Randomness of Ravenwolf” — so there you are.
TD Designation:  Raven Wolf (what else?)

Assume the Position

is the work of Lynxx Pherrett, in my opinion, the best pseudonym out there. This blog, BTW, is ALSO some of the most thoughtful commentary on the hard-right side of the aisle: little cheap name calling, just well-thought out, well-documented positions. The blogroll is, well, a who’s who of the hard right. Though I disagree with the bulk of L.P.’s positions (including the one he’d like me to assume!), these opinions are worthy of respect and consideration.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Lynx/Ferret)

A Level Gaze

is David Yaseen’s well-reasoned (i.e., I agree with him for the most part) blog.  A Level Gaze is tag-lined “Liberal Elitism”, with a healthy smattering of fellow travelers in the blogroll (not yet including your TD, which we hope David will soon correct).  Anyway, in my view, you just can’t bash Bush enough — and A Level Gaze rarely looks away from the President for more than a moment!
TD Designation: Yorkshire Terrier

A Dog’s Life

is the product of Greg Hlatky of Ohio; Greg notes that he and his wife raise borzois (Russian wolfhounds); a good deal of his blog discusses various aspects of the show dog and dog show world, and Greg gives some solid political discussions, from a perspective somewhat to the right of your talking dog.
TD Designation:  Borzoi

Arch Pundit

is a pseudonymous blogger from the St. Louis area, with a leftward tilt.  Arch writes some well thought out, often lengthy missives, giving an intelligent, thoughtful (i.e., left-leaning!) approach to many issues.
TD Designation:  Dalmatian

The Agora

is the Salon-based blog of Douglas Anders (of Ohio).  Doug is one of those “reasonable liberals”, that the right wing blogosphere dismisses as “idiotarians” (because he dares to criticize our prevailing power structure) and the hard-ass left probably has no use for him, because he probably doesn’t regularly recite the words to the “Internacionale” in his blog.  Doug’s opinions are, nonetheless, intelligent and thoughtful.
TD Designation:  Collie

A Brooklyn Bridge

— a brand new blog by Brooklyn writer Glen England. The vast conspiracy of Brooklyn lefty bloggers is delighted to proudly welcome a new member, and Glen is pithy and subtle in his nastiness as he fights the power. Welcome to the revolution, Glen baby! And welcome to the hood!
TD Designation:  Pug

Ayn Clouter’s Blog

Ayn Clouter is the nom de blog (and I suspect, nom de plume) of the most ruthlessly clever and brilliant conservative blogger in the entire blogiverse… or is she (we all THINK Ayn’s a she) in fact, a brilliantly sarcastic arch-liberal who is so diabolically clever that conservatives actually think she’s one of them! Such is the genius of this blog, giving hilarious and brilliant take downs of evil leftists the world over– and pointing out strategems that Dear Leader should employ to ensure his re-ascendance to power. (When I say hilarious, I mean some of the funniest material I have ever seen, anywhere, any context). I’m proud to have been one of the original “evil leftists” on a blogroll that features a LOT of evil leftists, and some American patriots of the right (right as in correct, of course). Much as this blog deserves the “Top Dog” designation to be “unretired”, I will show the discipline that Ayn herself would show…
TD Designation:  Coydog

Aunt Lowey’s Handy Dandy Blog

is a proud product of blogging West Virginia, although presumably the part near Pittsburgh, as Aunt Lowey is a big fan of that city’s teams. Miscellaneous thoughts, links, rants and cool stuff is the tagline, and Aunt Lowey disappoints not. Come on down for some down home country blogging. The blogroll leans left, and leans FUNNY.
TD Designation:  Azawakh

Arrogant Rants

is the amusing work of New York area (Nick says he’s from “The Island” — Long Island, to those of you not from the tri-state area) blogger Nick Marsala (who, I think, was kinda tight with Raven Wolf, if I remember correctly).  Nick purports to be mean and blood hungry, from a hard-ass “blue collar” rightie perspective, designating me as one of two sites that are “the statists and trial lawyers we love to rail against”.  As long as it gets me traffic, Nick.
TD Designation:  Bloodhound

Arjan El Fassed

is something we here in the United States need to see:  the unedited views of a real live Palestinian (in this case, based in the Netherlands, because you didn’t think ISRAEL, or even ARAFAT, would let him put out THIS stuff from the territories!) Hey, we of the Zionist conspiracy will not be well served not to know the Palestinians (usually) legitimate grievances, and their feelings thereon.
TD Designation:  Canaan Dog

Arguing With Signposts

is the work of proud Texas blogger Brian Murley.  You get a dose of down home blogging here, with some posts that lean a little to the right, but in a polite, charming way.  The blog is supportive of the President, for example, which is peachy keen.  The tagline notes that Brian “would argue with a signpost”, but he seems more agreeable than all that.  The small (I’ll say nascent) blogroll features around a baker’s dozen of the serious righties, and somehow, I’m on there (maybe the picture of the rotty on the front is reminiscent of Misha.  The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler!)  No matter.  Y’all pay a vist to Brian’s blog, ya’ hear?
TD Designation: Broholmer


is the work of Yale’s Eric Tam and the University of Toronto’s Manu Rangachari (I believe they are grad students, and hail from Canada). The site’s tagline is A Little Something to Fight the Poison, Observations and Arguments on Politics and Ideology, Society, and the Media. The perspective is friendly/liberal/progressive (not all that surprising from a pair of Canadian academics). The blogroll is compact and left leaning.
TD Designation:  Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Angry Bear

is the work of a real, live slightly left leaning economist. Posts are detailed, complete with charts and actual real world justification for the positions espoused. AB also trolls the blogosphere for useful opinions and interesting commentary. Despite covering technical economics, this blog is in no sense dry, but is, dare I say it, fair and balanced. The blogroll features the majors, as well as the big-time lefties.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Angry Bear)

Andrew Olmstead’s Blog

is a thoughtful perspective from the right side of the aisle; Andrew appears to have some military experience, and phrases his views in terms of being a strong patriot.  Like me, he notes that his is a vanity site (God bless you, Andrew.).
TD Designation:  Basset Hound


is the thoughtful blog of Boulder, Colorado’s Gary Farber (no relation).  I’m not so sure I’d call Gary a “moderate” as I would an “eclectic”.  Gary is very involved in the science fiction world, as well as with his blog, and covers a wide variety of subjects in a manner where I am unable to knee jerk classify him as “lefty or rightie”.  Because of this inscrutibility,
TD Designation:  Pekingese


is the MSNBC hosted product of famous lefty journalist and author Eric Alterman.  Though extremely partisan (yes!), Altercation is extremely readable and enjoyable, as well as offering that “practical partisanship” I am so desperately trying to engender myself.  The blog has a short blogroll of wall to wall great lefties, an active and lively comment section, and gets more traffic in the next 20 minutes than I am likely to get for the rest of time.
TD Designation: Alpine Dachsbracke

Alisa in Wonderland

is the work of an Israeli ex-pat woman who, I believe, now lives in Missouri (and has lived well, all over the place). She brings her own personal views, particularly on Israel and the Middle East situation, and is, well, very interesting (and dare I say it…important) reading.
TD Designation:  Kerry Blue Terrier

Air Strip One

is the British-based work of Phillip Caston and Emmanuel Goldstein, and, with its shades of Orwell (nee Eric Blair)’s 1984, is tagged “British foreign policy as if the national interest mattered”.  Air Strip One has a sorta libertarian bent, with a healthy dose of a “Blair-skeptic” viewpoint, and treatment of a great many international issues that might not be covered by many American blogs.  Air Strip One’s unique linking policy (“you link to me and I’ll link to you”; which by the way, happens to be MY linking policy, except I don’t SAY that next to my blog roll, as Air Strip One does!) leads to a very eclectic and interesting group of links.
TD Designation: Bulldog

Africa Pundit

the work of commentator Noah, who takes us to an area under-explored as a matter of policy, and especially under-explored in the blogosphere. Noah’s take is a moderate/conservative one, as he likes to call brutal dictators, well, what they are! This is a thoughtful exploration of an area that gets an undeserved dearth of coverage. I do wish Noah had permanent links or resources, but the posts are well documented.
TD Designation:  African Wild Dog


is another blog world A-lister superstar.  The pseudonymous, Atrios and his blog have been called the left-wing Instapundit; he posts frequently, and unlike Professor Reynolds, has a lively comments section.
TD Designation:  Golden Retriever


The Belligerent Bunny Blog

of the mysterious Anna (namesake of Baby TD) and the mysterious Annanova, invites you to “come for the bunnies; stay for the warmongery”.  And that’s it: posts entitled “arsenal of democracy” detail American military weapons and tactics; alternating with pictures of bunnies (and bunny adoption details). Mrs. TD and I once received a rabbit as a wedding present (we said MONEY, not bunny!). This is a unique site, and its popularity is well-deserved.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Bunny)

Brad De Long’s Blog

is the work of an economics professor (I’m pretty sure at Berkeley). Brad is a fellow traveler liberal, and is an extreme Bush-skeptic (seeing as there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and the crap put out by the Bush Administration). His opinions are well-reasoned (i.e., I agree with them), and he is an extremely influential blogger (whatever that means).
TD Designation:  Dachshund

Busy Busy Busy

is the work of (pseudonymous?) Santa Monica blogger and computer maven Elton Beard, who gives us the benefit of a multimedia show (at least lotsa pictures) as he busily takes us through the news of the day (great lefty blogroll) with his inimitable barb (and wicked LEFT hook).  Posts tend to be pleasing in both length and content, perfect for us busy, busy, busy people.  Value is added to memes already in play.
TD Designation:  Bearded Collie/Akita Mix


is the work of Toronto blogger Brett Lamb, and is entering its second year, coming to us from nascent blog world superpower Ontario (and thanks to Chip Tijuana for telling us about Blamblog). This blog is amusing as all hell, from a kinda left o’ center perspective one would expect from our friends North of the Border, and takes us on a very amusing random walk around Brett’s life, complete with scripts and everything.
TD Designation:  Shetland Sheepdog

The Braxtonian

is the work of Dave Ryan and Ry Rivard, both high school journalists from Braxton County, West Virginia. They call their work a “publication”, as everyone is sick of “blog”. The focus is the goings on in their corner of the world, though they concede they have to leave it from time to time, as not much happens there! Cool pictures, random stuff, small town America.
TD Designation:  Braque D’Ariege

Brief Intelligence Weblog

the work of Tiger Lily, who I understand has a boyfriend who is a Marine Corps sniper. Needless to say, I won’t be pissing off Tiger Lily! TL’s take is to the left of, ahem, me; the blogroll is solid left gold, and the positions are supported by both fact and energy. Certainly, the perspective on matters military that would blow the *&&^ out of some of the guys on CNN (except General Clark, for whom Tiger Lily would like you to vote…I’m with the program!)
TD Designation:  Taigan

Blissful Knowledge

comes to us from a fresh-off-a-blogging-hiatus Dr. Manhattan, whose tagline is “The Yankees, Politics, Religion, Public Policy…and Have I Mentioned The Yankees?”  The good doctor’s blog posts are detailed, thought provoking and thorough; the doctor is a firm Zionist, and a well-reasoned conservative.  His blogroll is big and inclusive, and includes a Jewish reference section as well as a baseball reference section.
* TD Designation:  Bleus de Gascogne

Big Picnic

a group blogging effort that tells us its mission is to find the perfect blog post, and then disband. “A News and Opinion Journal of Shiftless Chatter”, BP takes us through several points of view, all with the same sorta merrily left wing, mockin’ authority (the current one!) point of view, and a nice group on the blogroll.
TD Designation:  Podenco Ibicenco

Balloon Juice

is the work of Morgantown, West Virginia’s John Cole, who tells us he is a college professor (Communications Arts at the U. of W.V.) making him our second known West Virginian. John wishes me to note that he considers himself more moderate than the views expressed on his site, which appear to be stridently pro-war, and appear to be more in synch with the “anti-idiotarian” (that’s not a word!) crowd than someone who tells us he opposes capital punishment, opposes making abortions illegal, supports gay rights, and opposes the War on DrugsTM. The weather-storm themed blogroll lists to starboard, but then has some good port ballast at the end. Still, John keeps up on the latest revolving memes, and will keep y’all amused. Up, up and away…
TD Designation:  Jack Russell Terrier(a cute, frisky dog that bites occasionally!)


is the principal work of California record producer Eric Olsen; it is a “meta-blog of over 100 “blog critics” including yours truly, who are supposed to submit reviews of records, books, videos and “etc.” It is a huge amount of collected wisdom in one convenient place– and is on many people’s “best blogs”.
TD Designation:  Dog Show

William Burton

is an ex-military man now living with his family in Nashville. William is a doctrinaire liberal (MY kind o’ lib’ral), to the left of even me, with a great, lively comments board that William frequently guests on. His posts are bold, daring, well thought out, and he has an uncanny sense of foreign policy. I wish William blogged as regularly as he once did, but his stuff is good enough to wait for.
TD Designation:  Border Collie

Edward “Ted” Barlow’s Blog

another Houston, TX blogger, is, well, a rare delight — a blog that is much more popular than mine, and (though it kills me to say so), I see why. Ted is another “reasonable liberal”  (“idiotarian” to the right, of course), with a sense of humor (he did an entire week of light bulb jokes — the Andrew Sullivan one still kills.)
TD Designation:  Collie

Baseball Musings

is the work of serious fan (head of research for ESPN’s baseball program for ten years and host of ESPN’s on-line baseball service) David Pinto.  Well, that’s a little MORE serious than a serious fan, actually.  David appears to come to us from Massachusetts, and is a Red Sox fan.  The site is your one-stop shop for major league baseball (including an on-line swap shop for goodies; maybe I can find that Brooklyn Dodgers jacket I’ve been coveting!)  I can’t tell if David is swinging from the right side, or the left side of the plate, but who cares!  Do you or don’t you like the designated hitter rule, David?  Out with it!!!  Anyway, welcome to our first pure sports blog…a good thing.
TD Designation:  St. Louis Wolves(David will get it, even if the rest of you don’t!)

Blog of the Moderate Left

is the work of blogger Jeff Fecke, a web designer from Minnesota who describes himself as a radical moderate.  No, no, no, Jeff, you are a moderate lefty, the single smartest political leaning you can have (because it’s the one I currently hold).  He muses on matters musical, Minnesota and otherwise major in an amusing (though moderate) manner.  This blog goes down smoooooothhhhh…
TD Designation:  Dutch Shepherd Dog

Bin Gregory Productions

is the work of Bin Gregory, a “how I say”, American Anglo who has converted to Islam, and has now moved to Malaysia where he has lived for ten years (he has an interesting chart paralleling himself and “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh). The posts are a fascinating blend of matters Islam, matters Malaysia, and just matters Bin Gregory. The blog has an extensive Islamic resource links section, and limited blogroll and other links of interest.
TD Designation:  Mahratta Greyhound


a wry writerly blog from a female blogger based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Boynton is the name of a minor character in the Shirley Temple film “Our Little Girl”. The blog strays from the strictly “political” (actually, politics appears NOT to be one of the literary themes); the blog is like a literary wind-up clock, spring after spring uncoiling slowly, brilliantly, on different themes, seemingly unconnected, until one ponders the grand plan.
TD Designation:  Labrador/Australian Shepherd/Boykin Spaniel Mix

Body and Soul

is the work of that patron saint of lefty blogging, Jeanne D’Arc.  The posts are thoughtful, and lefty (hell, she occasional drifts to the left of ME!), and entertaining, and did I mention, lefty?  The tagline is “Thoughts on the body politic, the human soul, Billie Holiday songs (and other people’s) — with a lot more questions than answers”.  The blogroll is, well, left-leaning (with an excellent resource links section).  This is a popular blog, with good reason.
TD Designation:  Chien D’Artois

Bo Cowgill

is a student at Stanford; his blog is eclectic, with a sorta politically conservative bend, with discussions of the goings on at Stanford, as well as the rest of the universe.  Bo has an extensive and interesting blog roll, that flows on both sides of his blog.
TD Designation:  Bo-hemian Terrier

Blue Goldfish Cafe

is the work of Gene Van Der Bosch, and the attempt is to make a blog discussion comparable to discussions over coffee at a cafe. Gene seems to be a bit “pro war”, but we won’t hold that against him, at this interesting site we would put as somewhere on the “right” side of the aisle.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Goldfish)

Blog Junky

Oregon-based bloggers Mark (and Chimera?) tell us the blog is for the political omnivore, and that’s not a bad description for a blog that’s apparently pro-war, Bush skeptical, and all around amusing. The compact blogroll features lefties, righties, HARD righties (LGF and that OTHER Rottweiler), Oregon bloggers and other (of which TD’s blog directory has made the cut). Be careful, this blog might be addictive.
TD Designation:  Chinook

The Blog of Xanadu

is the work of blogger J. Fielek, and features what appears to be a white bichon/yorkie on its masthead (you better like that breed, big guy, even if you insist that Beamer there is a “mutt”).  This is an “amusing rightie”; B of X goes for shorter posts with lots of links, and amusing shtick such as “Why do Dictators Get all the Dates?” (a reference to a German beauty queen’s desire to “go out” with Saddam, “for peace”).  A blog as playful as the cute doggie on the masthead… but it might bite.
TD Designation:  Maltese with a touch of Rottweiler

Bag and Baggage

is the serious legal blog of California lawyer Denise Howell. Serious discussions of the legal business, some cases, legal bloggers, and related matters are undertaken. Personally, I could never put up a blog as serious as this, but my vocational profile (Marxist guerrilla) was deemed “not practical” (especially since I never liked Marxism, and was too attached to shaving) so I went to law school. Denise, who thanks in part to her blog, and I suppose to her intellectual property practice, pulls it off with panache.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle

Beautiful Horizons

is the project of blogger Randy Paul, another one of them “reasonable lib’ruls” that seem to be crawling all over the dog run. Randy has a focus on things Latin America, particular Brazil, as I think there is a special someone in his life from that part of the world.
TD Designation:  Brazilian Terrier


is the work of the lovely Retatinha, an immigrant to Israel from Brazil.  Retatinha blogs in English, though her native tongue is Portuguese and she is learning Hebrew.  Quite engaging, as we learn significant details of life in Israel, and her own life.
TD Designation:  Silky Terrier



is less a blog than a multi-contributor site exploring the links between media and society.  It has a national and a Twin Cities edition, and it has extensive links (leaning to the “progressive”), and it has innumerable posts contributed from numerous sources, again, in what I would call a “progressive” view of the news.
TD Designation:  Caravan Hound

Casus Belli

is the work of Columbia University political science grad student and instructor Paul MacDonald, whose international relations specialty would doubtless have led me to him in my day at the old Alma Mater, if it were 20 years ago, and I not substantially OLDER than Paul!  A relatively short blogroll hits some of the bigger lefties.  The commentary, though as thorough as one would expect from a professional academic, is crisp and presented directly.  Though arguably “left-leaning”, Paul’s approach is more pragmatic (as is his apparent opposition to the coming war).  The Administration could learn a thing or two reading this guy.
TD Designation:  Scotch Collie

Cold Fury

is the work of angry blogger Mike Hendrix (who is also a web designer instrumental in the work of several other bloggers). I might describe this blog’s views as rightist, or libertarian, but I’ll just say “angry”.
TD Designation:  Rottweiler

Colby Cosh

of Edmonton brings us the ” Golden Treasury of Colby Coshery” — wit, Canadian and international politics, Canadian football, goings on in the life of Colby Cosh…just…great…stuff…all…the…time…damnit!
TD Designation:  Eskimo Dog (or Husky)

Cinderella Bloggerfella

is, I believe, a UK-based blogger with a fascinating focus on matters Eastern and Central European. C.B. has a sophisticated sense of humour, and a sophisticated sense of the big picture. The blogroll features lots of similar (sophisticated and witty) bloggers, and has a European news resource section (including foreign language sources).
TD Designation:  Cirneco Dell ‘Etna

Chip Tijuana

comes at you from NORTH of the border.  Chip is an Ottawa-based artist now working for the Ontario government, who tells us he is “left o’center” and anti-war, God bless him.  Chip takes us on a random walk through politics and culture, and has a “link of the day” section which is, well, that.
TD Designation (I’ve been waiting to use this one):  Chihuahua

Carl With a K

“political hipster, urban socialite”, tells us he may live in Hollywood, but is no starving waiter, is the work of KARL (get it?), who tells us he is a political professional (like that OTHER Karl), 25 or thereabouts, and gives us, well, progressive politics (Karl likes Howard Dean), and more progressive politics.  A proud member of the vast left wing conspiracy from the Left Coast (blogroll to match).
TD Designation:  Karelian Bear Dog


is an eponymous, pseudonymous, well, a classic pinko-hating, red-blooded American original. I haven’t encountered the offensive term “anti-idiotarian”; when you want a decent justification for the actions of the party in power (of the kind THEY are too busy lying to give you), check out the CounterRevolutionary.
TD Designation:  American White Shepherd

Captain Scott’s Electric Love Bunker

is the work of LA blogger Scott Ganz. Scott is self-described as a pro-war liberal Democrat, although the blog, for the most part, is about culture, particularly the entertainment biz, which one gets the feeling Captain Scott is a part of [it turns out that he has kin in the screenwriting business]. Scott calls himself “the most envied man in the blogosphere” referring to his pending marriage to Asparagirl [which see, above]. Intriguing, and worth your attention.
TD Designation:  American Foxhound

Steven Chapman,

formerly known as Daddy War Blogs, is a UK based blogger, with a distinctly “Blair-skeptical”, libertarian, anti-gun control, pro-Israel, Euro-skeptical…mad freaking genius. The blog features periodic caption contests, a lively discussion board often polluted by (among others, me) and awesome sarcasm and wit I usually wish I thought of first.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Crabby Says

is the work of Crabby, a Torontonian blogger (I guess) who mixes details of her life (including her self-deprecating humor) and her poetry for a most interesting personal log/blog. Her tagline: Because I said so. She would have a future in American politics, would that she lived here.
TD Designation:   Saarlooswolfhond

Counterspin Central

is the work of wild and crazy, bomb-throwing lefty the pseudonymous blogger Hesiod Theogeny.  No punches are pulled, and the posts are, ahem, punchy, to the point and appropriately biased (the way I like it!)  The blogroll is surprisingly concise for as bigtime a blog as this, but it leans solidly to the left.
TD Designation:  Hellenikos Poimenikos

Charles Murtaugh’s eponymous blog

is classic lefty tour de force. Charles is, if I’m not mistaken, a faculty member of the Kremlin ON the Charles, and gives us the best of its lefty traditions, without the idiocy of leftist academics.
TD Designation:  Irish Setter

Catallaxy Files

is the multi-party work (spearheaded and principally contributed to) by Sydney, Australia economist Jason Soon, with “guest bloggers” Heath Gibson, Jack Strocchi, Andrew Norton, Teresa Fels, and Charles, all of down unda’.  The posts are quite interesting, with some “blog-world” references, and a lot of Australia-related matters, and of course, general politics.  Jason tells us that the orientation of the site is from left-liberal to moderate libertarian, and the word ‘catallaxy’ is a Greek coinage-term revived by the classical liberal meaning roughly ‘to turn an enemy into a friend by trade’ .  I note that a couple of posters on the site took the “How Republican are you?” test and came up as moderate liberals.  [BTW, on that test, I came up as “0%” Republican — a saint — and Mother Teresa’s picture popped up].  Well, G’day to Catallaxy Files, a welcome and interesting addition.
TD Designation:  Australian Bandog

Capital Influx

is the work of New York area blogger Elizabeth Spiers. This is an eclectic and hip blog from a contributor to several blogs, including New York’s “Gawker” and Gene Expression. Elizabeth is a proud graduate of Duke where she studied political science, and the political commentary is always well-reasoned; there is much discussion of matters of the current scene.
TD Designation:  Fox Terrier


is the handiwork of Orange County LIBERAL (there’s more than one) Kevin Drum. Calpundit is one of the most cited bloggers on the left side of the line, and his posts are well reasoned, well documented, and well, damned good.
TD Designation:  Irish Setter

Jeff Cooper’s Cooped Up

is an interesting “bouquet” of subjects. Jeff is a law professor at Indiana University, and his subjects range from law, to politics (sorta lefty-moderate, I suppose), to wine and wine tasting, to matters personal. A blog that’s smooth on the palate.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle


De Spectaculis

is the work of Boston area blogger Martial, who tag-names his spanking brand new blog (sporting a Roman theme) “throwing myself to the lions”.  Martial appears to join the ranks of us moderate, pragmatic liberal types, who want to dig deeper into what the &^%$ is going on out there. (I especially enjoyed Martial’s take on France: for whatever reason, France was the ORIGINAL and longest standing ally of this country, and yet, somehow, Americans insist that everything is about CURRENT quid pro quos and paybacks, thus, since France has never properly paid us obeisance for Normandy, its current stance vis a vis Iraq makes it somehow a moral welcher on a debt.) It will be a joy to watch this puppy site as it grows up.
TD Designation:  Neopolitan Mastiff

Daily Kos

is a blogging deity of progressive political blogging (after an extensive lefty blogroll listing, there is one — ONE! — righty blogger); the site features the electoral college calculator, perpetual polling data, and hard-hitting daily assaults on our power structure. This is a major, high traffic blog, for damned good reason…
TD Designation:  Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier

Defense and the National Interest

is not exactly a blog (and I am not even sure who else in the blogosphere, if anyone, links to it). It’s the work of military analyst Chuck Spinney, largely drawing on the work of the late Col. John R. Boyd on the development (and need to consider) “Fourth Generation Warfare”, or, in other words, to drop the idea of warfare from either the Napoleonic era or even the Cold War, and move to a literal new generation of warfare, involving more mobile, flexible weapons, tactics and soldiers. The site is loaded with military technical details, and it is extremely critical of our current government, from the perspective of career fighting personnel.
TD Designation:  American Bulldog


is the former product of an American ex-pat living in the UK and working as a Tory Party activist, Andrew Ian Dodge. The site has been dormant since November, and Mr. Dodge’s blogging activities have been merged into (fellow dog run member) Sasha Castel, who Mr. Dodge recently married. Accordingly, much as it pains us to do so, but for the only reason we tend to do so (extinction), we will be retiring the link to Dodgeblog.

Democratic Veteran

the work of blogger Jo Fish (not, that is NOT a game to be played with your new deck of Iraqi-villain playing cards…or is it?) who, is a veteran of the United States Navy and used to reside in sunny San Diego [now much-less-sunny Ohio], on the Left Coast, and except for two links, has a blogroll (which is cleverly called the Fish Pond!) devoted to us political feller’ travelers.  The posts convey the appropriate tone of righteous indignation and moral outrage — not quite bomb throwing — but compelling and passionate, dare I say it, persuasive even…
TD Designation:  Victorian Bulldog

Dissecting Leftism

is the work of Aussie blogger John Ray.  He don’t mess around: he takes on leftism, which does not NECESSARILY mean the likes of me and my kind, but (at least according to periodic e-mails from John) may include Communist China and the sorta nutsy leftists that believe Bolshevism is the answer to everything.  Or it MIGHT include me and my kind.  John is a hawk, of course, in favor of the coming war, and writes in an energetic and well-spirited tone.
TD Designation  (I’ve been waiting to use this one):  Dingo


is the work of the mysterious “Watchful Babbler” — and this is one erudite babbler!  The Tolstoy quote at the beginning is just a hint of the well-reasoned commentary in this blog (which I guess is “vaguely to the left”).  The blogroll is well-organized into categories such as law and philosophy.
TD Designation:  Dachshund

Doc Searls

eponymous weblog is the ORIGINAL tech blog, with numerous technical details about blogging, computers, and other super cool tech stuff.  The Doc refers to himself as “of the left”, though the blog does not devote all that much time and space to matters political on its homepage…though in the discussions…  The Doc is senior editor of Linux Journal, and a writer, speaker, PR man, and all around bon vivant!  As noted, there is an extensive discussion group thing going as well.  The Doc is…IN!
TD Designation:  Dachsund/Sealydale Terrier Mix


Ernie the Attorney

is the work of New Orleans attorney Ernie Svenson.  Ernie discusses legal and technical issues.  Ernie has a fabulously extensive collection of “blawgs”, or legal related blogs (of which this is one, in the sense that it is written by a lawyer).  Indeed, Ernie’s blog makes such a good impression, I have recommended him to a colleague who needed to hire a lawyer in Louisiana.
TD Designation:  Legal Eagle (what else?)


is the work of Park Slope, Brooklyn’s own Patrick Nielsen Hayden, a science fiction writer and publisher.  Patrick’s wife Theresa Nielsen Hayden is also an important blogger in her own right.  Electrolite is in the best of the New York liberal tradition: smart and witty, covering politics, culture, the sci fi biz, and whatever Patrick wants to talk about.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Ezra Klein

is the eponymous blog of a young lad from Orange County, California who has gone North to pursue his education at U.C. Santa Cruz.  Man, the amusement pier, the ocean, the nice weather… OK, I’m jealous.  Ezra is one of them thoughtful lefty guys, his still-evolving blogroll hits many of the big lefties (and some other notables not YET in the dog run…).  The posts are mostly reasonable diatribes against the standing order (such as…all three branches of our government; not enough bloggers are willing to go after the Supreme Court; Ezra has NO PROBLEM.)  A promising newcomer blog…we look forward to great things from the left coast!
TD Designation:  Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon)

Ex-Pat Egghead

is the work of Britisher-living-in-Israel Adrian.  Another personal perspective on life in that nation, this time from a sorta lefty sorta academic’s perspective (I believe Adrian works in the technical sciences).  Anyway, engaging reading.
TD Designation:   English Springer Spaniel

Eve Tushnet’s Eponymous Blog

is the work of that Washington, DC based freelance writer and Yale graduate whose “contests” were pretty much the first time your TD managed to be linked by a major blog (and Eve’s is a major blog).  Eve is what you might call “conservative”, or perhaps “objectivist”; she has a number of her occasionally updated blogs listed.  She is a relatively recent convert to Catholicism, and it is a favorite discussion of hers.  Do not expect to hop in and out: Eve often posts very long missives, as well as extensive “fan mail”.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

The Edge of England’s Sword

is the work of British-ex-pat-living-in-DC (I think!) Iain Murray, a poltical policy analyst now in between jobs, as he joins the ranks of those “fired for blogging”.  Iain’s positions are well-thought out “Euro-skeptical”, a bit to the right if you ask me, though never unreasonable.  Iain often contributes to other blogs; I remember distinctly a guest spot he did on the Volokh Conspiracy at one time.  The commentary is smart and crisp.
TD Designation:  Springer Spaniel

Electronic Intifada

is the work of a consortium of Palestinian bloggers, and is your one-stop shop for resistance to the brutal occupation of the Zionist entity.  Reports from actual Palestinians living in the territories, from Palestinians and others living abroad, media resources– its quite the endeavor (its a 501(c)(3) based in Chicago, evidently).
TD Designation:  Canaan Dog Show


The Fat Guy

is the work of Texas blogger, computer maven, and campground operator Scott Chaffin, who assures us he is not a pundit, just a guy writing about food, music, books and tractors, and when you get right down to it, throw in a little “tech-blogging”, a little right-o’-center politics (not as far right in the posts as in the blogroll, by my highly skewed methods of observation) and a whole lotta da’ fat guy (who, if his photo is to believed, isn’t even particularly fat). The fat guy often asks aloud why he continues blogging: because you’re a darned good writer, Scott, and doggone it, people like you!
TD Designation:  Scottie/Feist Mix


is the work of Toronto blogger Bruce R., and is, a well-written, hard-hitting, humorous, and interestingly eclectic blog; positions seem to be Bush-skeptical, pro-Israel, pro-the-War, with a wide net cast.  Also, befitting something with a title “flit”, posts are short and manageable to read.
TD Designation:  Flat-Coated Retriever

Farid Lancheros

and his blog “Somewhere Over the Brooklyn Bridge” is, I believe other than Electrolite, the only other Brooklyn blog (I know of) on the entire dog run. Farid purports to be of multiple heritage, including Colombian and Palestinian (I believe he’s a practicing Muslim). Farid’s is a walk through life in the City, through his life, and occasional forays into the very mildly political.
TD Designation:  Eurasier

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is the multi-media, multi-color work of blogger Tom, from the beautiful Detroit area. Tom tells us he is a computer programmer, and leans (ahem) to the left (as does his blogroll… as does, well.. ); the site tagline is “Adventures of a Basic Force For Good in Our TimeTM “. The posts are witty, and give nice detailed positions on topics popular and topics more obscure, and man… those pictures! Look out for features, like featured blogs. (Tom and I have been trading Haikus on the busybusybusy comments for some time…) Well, read it– if you like your liberalism a tad humorous. Because we all know that all the funny people are liberals.
TD Designation:
Bouvier des Flandres

Free Pie

is the work of blogger (and cellist?) extraordinaire Kim Osterwalder, and makes its (brilliant, i.e. lefty-progressive) point with words, pictures, comics and whatever else will do the job. The site features an extensive book and other media link resources section, and a left-leaning blog roll.
TD Designation:  Austrian Brandlbracke

Fontenelles – Palestinian Archive

is the work of blogger David Dugan, with numerous links to those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause (a healthy Robert Fisk section comes to mind) and other sources and endless discussions of the excesses of Israeli occupation. David Dugan doesn’t SOUND like a Palestinian name, but who knows.
TD Designation:  Pharaoh Hound

Fighting with Grabes

is the work of Brooklyn’s own (via Boston) John-Paul Pagano, who is (I guess) employed in the computer industry and tells us he is an ex-jazz musician. The blog is John-Paul’s political “working out”; he describes himself as a “recovering liberal”, and if he is sincere in his posts, he is clearly at Step 11 or 12. Be it bashing Barbra (thanks to John Paul, you too can click over and see her blog!), or plain old warmongering, John-Paul gives us an energetic justification of what the people in power are doing. You go, John-Paul! Although John-Paul tells us he is a cat person…
TD Designation:  Samoyed


is yet another blog from new blog superpower, Ontario.  From U. of Toronto political economist Henry Farrell and Maria Farrell, we get a thinking person’s blog, mixing political thought, background, philosophical and literary matters, as well as popular culture.  The blog is politely lefty-progressive, with a nice left leaning blogroll, including a section devoted to academic bloggers (of whom there are several).
TD Designation:  Llewellyn Setter

Food for Thought

is the delicious intellectual and political banquet served up by MC Masterchef, and is a relatively recent addition to the blog world menu. The food world conceit is just the appetizer for deliciously laid out political commentary that seems to geared to my peculiar culinary-political tastes. Nice links section to fellow travelers, AND various do-gooder orgs.
TD Designation:  McNab



is the work of Geoff Meltzner, a (student?) blogger based at some technical school in Cambridge, Mass.  Geoff is, at times, all Israel all the time (you go, bubbelah), and at other times, is a “euro-skeptic, moderate kinda rightie”.  A decently eclectic blogroll is consistent with the blogging, which is that combination of reasonable, yet bad-ass, that I find so appealing.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Grasshoppa)

Gut Rumbles

is the work of Rob a/k/a Acidman. For those who like their bad-ass right wing politics poignant and FUNNY, go right here. You have found what you are looking for! IF you want to read OTHER right wing blogs, Acidman gives you a pretty definitive list of those too.
TD Designation:  Guatemalan Bull Terrier


is the blogging-labor-for-money version of the musings of peripatetic super-blogger Glenn Reynolds, who by profession is a law professor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, but we all know is “Instapundit“, and how could he POSSIBLY have time for anything else, what with his 20-30 times DAILY updates to his blog, and his uncanny knowledge of virtually everything said on thousands, upon thousands of blogs.  GR.Com, on the MSNBC family of blogs, is less “formidable” than Instapundit, and has a lot more “reader feedback”, than Instapundit.  It also has a much smaller set of links (Instapundit has over 200, I believe).  Glenn purports to be a libertarian (and he loves to post things like “Store clerk John X. of Somewhere shot and killed a would be robber today, using his .357 magnum that he keeps under the cash register, way to go John!).  But Glenn is NOT a libertarian.  He is a conservative.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  He is also regarded as the king of blogdom.
TD Designation:  Great Dane/Legal Beagle Mix

Gene Healy.Com

is the eponymous blog of Gene Healy, a D.C. area lawyer-working-for-a-think-tank who tells us, and SHOWS US, that he is a bad-ass, all-the-way libertarian, not the “neo-lib” Randian, not the “the free market is neither free nor fair enough to rule out serious governmental intervention libertarian” stuff you get, well, HERE. No, Gene’s the real thing, and the posts reflect it, in an amusing, intriguing, at times even self-effacing way. Compact blogroll leans to similar thinkers.
TD Designation:  American Bandogge Mastiff


is the work of Seattle area blogger Solly Ezekiel.  Solly is what I would call a pro-Israel moderate, with some slightly rightist urges (he’s pretty hawkish on Iraq, for example).  Interesting politics mixed with culture and personal detail ( and a big mazel tov on Solly’s new baby boy Eli!)
TD Designation:  Husky

Gunters Geblogger

is (or was) the personal weblog and musings and ramblings of some guy in Germany named Gunter.  The trick here is that Gunter blogs in German, and I don’t speak or read German.  No one wrote in to complain that Gunter was writing anything untoward, and the German words I knew (coupled with the context I could make up, based on recollections of my grandparents’ Yiddish) showed me that Gunter was just some guy, commenting on his life!  Still… Sadly, Gunter appears to have gone dormant, which, as you know, is pretty much the only reason I “de-list” blogs, so we will be retiring Gunter’s link.

Groupthink Central

is the work of blogger Yuval Rubinstein.  This is a thoughtful blog bouncing around (as does a certain blog with which you’re probably familiar) between matters involving Israel and politics and other issues here.  The commentary is crisp, skeptical-left-leaning (Yuval is one of them “free-thinkin’ types”), and the blogroll compact, featuring some “quality” lefties and others.
TD Designation:  Krasky Ovcar

Granny Rant

Granny Rant is a long overdue addition to our dog run. Granny Rant is the work of rural East Tennessee’s own Granny, J.T., who takes on the tough ones, and urges all readers to “Adjust your TinFoil Bonnets, Granny is on a Rant”. This is no partisan lefty blog… in fact, I’m pretty sure Granny is a registered independent… but our world now is so ferkacht that just pointing out what is actually going on in it often makes one appear to be out of their mind. I have a long-running correspondence with J.T., no holds barred… and its invariably solid gold… gold, I tell you! And most of the gold ends up in the blog… even more out there than I am… (because its not “are you paranoid?”; its “are you paranoid enough?”) Anyway, Granny’s blog is a proud member of the Rocky Top Brigade, and Granny has introduced me to many other great blogs… yes, another one for which I regret having retired the “Top Dog” designation. TD Designation:  Great Dane

Grammar Police

comes to us from Austin, TX based blogger Kriston (that’s a male name in this case), who proudly takes his place at the podium of the vast left wing conspiracy.  GP links to the goodies (nice, short, lefty blogroll, formatted on TOP of the blog, for now), and promises to be yet another smart voice for the good guys.
TD Designation:  Chow Chow/Australian Setter Mix

Goblin Queen

who, by the tenor of her site, has an interesting approach to the world. Right or left seems far less relevant than, shall we say, other directional adjectives. The Goblin Queen’s blogroll features many of the leading lefties, though reasoned discussions from righties are also present, in what I would call a “balanced” approach. Katie appears to be a fellow New Yorker, and is an exciting new addition to the dog run.
TD Designation:  Doberman

Get Donkey

comes to us from Houston area blogger (and computer maven) Rob Humenik, and keeps coming at us, with lefty bon mots, and that pleasant lib-lib (liberal libertarian) aura wafting over the blog.  The blogroll is lengthy, and…listing left.  Taglined “The Big Lots! of blog punditry”, come down and get your Texas sized portions of blog wit and wisdom!
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Donkey)

Genoan Sailor

is the work of Kevin, Steve and Anthony from seafaring Columbus, Ohio.  More amusing generally left-leaning takes on life, the universe and everything.  These guys cover some interesting topics, and have an excellent “bipartisan” blogroll.
TD Designation:  Seadog

Gail On Line

is the handiwork of Arizona based blogger and lawyer (I’m pretty sure she’s a lawyer) Gail Davis [Gail writes in to set the record straight; she has her own business, after working as a systems analyst and banking executive, she is NOT, repeat, NOT, an attorney].  Gail has a unique daily layout to her blog (with a desert adobe colored background!) with interesting citations and links (just like a lawyer!) and a “two dimensional” blogroll at the end.  The commentary is “thoughtful liberal”, and Gail goes for many interesting juxtapositions.
TD Designation:  Sage Ashayeri

The Green[e]house Effect

is the work of Georgia based blogger Greg Greene. Greg appears to be a high-powered lawyer and lobbyist working the Georgia state government beat. His commentary is 99 mile an hour lefty fastballs. The blogroll, well, the same. Greg also gives us compelling details of his personal life, making this not just interesting and entertaining reading, but clearly, the work of a courageous man (who I’m amazed finds the time and energy to do this).
TD Designation:  Border Collie


The Hamster

which tells us it brings us the best of the progressive web, is the project of GWU freshman (that can’t be right!) Eric Hananoki. Eric tells us he has written for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and other publications. The “blog” is sort of a round-up of web articles from various sources, as Eric thoroughly explores the given topic at hand. It’s sort of like Instapundit in the sense of a “round-up” of matters progressive from the blog world, but with more value added (by Eric). The link resources, including the big lefty blogs, include an amazing assortment of political and other chazurai. This is an important “one stop shop” for your progressive political needs.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Hamster)

The Head Heeb

is the work of an Israel-obsessed New York lawyer (haven’t seen one of those!) named Jonathan Edelstein; he derived his blog’s name from service in New York’s Army National Guard, where he was only one of two Jews (the other being a Hasidic rabbi and the Jewish chaplain; the rabbi dubbed Jonathan the “Head Heeb”).  Jonathan gives us seemingly “insider details” of Israeli politics (he calls the Labor Party “Avodah” — its Hebrew name — pretty inside stuff to me!); he also bounces around subjects Africa and other interesting parts of the world, again, from a detailed, almost “insider” perspective.  Details, details, Jonathan gives ’em!
TD Designation:  Canaan Dog/Legal Beagle Mix


is the work of blogger Lawrence Haws, who I believe is a Chicago-area ex-navy man.  His is an appropriately patriotic perspective, supportive of our government, and highly critical of the more idiotic realms of lefty thought.  It’s good to see that Lawrence has taken to more regular posting of late, as regularly seeing others confident of our government and its actions is comforting.
TD Designation:  American Staffordshire Terrier


is the work of Houston blogger (and photographer, and a good one, if his site be any guide) Michael Hatley.  Michael is a computer maven and ex-infantryman, now in college, happily married to his second wife (his first marriage to his ex-wife, Bitch — good dog name — didn’t work out).  Michael’s blog comments on the events of the day and his life in measured tones, I would guess progressive, but skeptical, a fascinatingly grown up way to look at the world, not always found in blogging.  The blogroll leans left, but is fair and balanced (assuming anyone can say that anymore with a straight face).
TD Designation:  Villano de Las Encartaciones

How Appealing

is the work of Philadelphia lawyer Howard Bashman.  Howard covers just about every appellate case in the United States, and numerous other subjects of relevance to law and politics and culture.  His net is a wide one, the posts are often long, the blogroll is huge.  Howard is THOROUGH.  Again, Howard makes me jealous because, unlike me, there are people who are well-suited to my profession — and he’s one of them.  This is a serious blog for students of law and politics, as well as legal professionals.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle

The Hillbilly Sophisticate

is the work of the mysterious “S.”, (I can’t even tell if “S.” is a man or a woman [though in response to my original post, S. revealed that she is a woman, and that the origin of the site’s name is her resentment of a local clothier called “the petite sophisticate]).  The tagline of the blog is “A dose of sarcasm and venom from the tranquil hills of West Virginia”.  We get details of West Virginia life and politics, and a view on the world I would describe as amusingly snarky — from a fresh perspective that’s, well, homey, yet sophisiticated!
TD Designation:  West Highland White Terrier

High Desert Skeptic

is a brand new blog by Roger, who I’m guessing lives in the high desert (which usually means somewhere in the Far West). Roger has assembled a group of lefty superstars on his blogroll (including…you know who), and his posts are pure southpaw high heat (what else would you expect?). Roger is a fireballer, and he hits the strike zone consistently.
TD Designation:  Chippiparai

Hasidic Rebel

is the work of pseudonymous blogger Rebel, who has been described as a Hasidic version of Salam Pax in the sense that he is a dissenter from the community at large (although the Hasidic community is much less likely to throw the rebel into an airless dungeon and torture and/or execute him, but you get the idea). The posts are a fascinating insight into a community that most of us have little insight into. A short blogroll features mostly Jewish bloggers (including one in Yiddish).
TD Designation:  Rumanian Sheepdog

Haggai’s Place

is the work of blogger Haggai, “a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor; born in Israel, raised in Kentucky, movie fanatic and sports nut,” is an entertaining blogging tour de force discussing, not surprisingly, Israeli politics, American politics (slightly rightie, though Haggai tells us he is a lefty), Kentucky Wildcats basketball and math.
TD Designation:  Kemmer Feist


is the work of mysterious blogger Digby.  Digby is another one of them bad ass liberals I seem to like so much.  Digby is a blogger I often dueled with on Matt Yglesias’ comments board (to the extent one can duel with a fellow traveler!)  Digby’s blogroll is a who’s who of progressive bloggers — his commentary is witty, nasty — what can I say?
TD Designation:  Border Collie


Inner Balance

is the work of Israeli blogger Ilana, and it has an almost poetic feel to it, as Ilana describes life (in Israel), the universe and everything.  Pictures abound (such as “root for our favorite IDF troops” — with pictures of, well, female IDF troops), and charming personal details.
TD Designation:  Shiba Inu

Insolvent Republic of Blogistan

is the work of (New Jersey?) blogger Justin Slotman.  This is a melange of a potpourri of a mixed bag — sports, comics, food, politics (I guess Justin is a sorta “rightie”, though this does not seem to be his primary agenda)… You name it, if it interests Justin, he blogs about it — and in an engaging (and entertaining) manner, at that.
TD Designation:  Sloughi

Interesting Monstah

is the super cool (and super cool-looking) blog of mysterious (California based?) blogger Laura. The site is further to the left than, well I am (right on, sistuh!). The blogroll consists of lots of cool sites, many of which I don’t recognize, and a religion section, among other things. Interesting is indeed an appropriate word. Word!
TD Designation:  Large Munsterlander


is the “for the love of blogging” blog of UT Law Professor Glenn Reynolds (already profiled in Glenn, above).  This is it: the Grand Central Station of bloggerville — how Glenn manages to keep on top of thousands of blogs (he even once mentioned the TD!), and still spit out dozens of posts A DAY, and STILL do his “for pay blog”, his Tech Central Station columns, AND books, I understand, AND still manage to have a professorship and a wife and child…Huh!
TD Designation:  It should be “Greyhound”, but it’s “Legal Beagle/Great Dane Mix”

Innocents Abroad

is the combined work of bloggers Jacob Golbitz, Collin May, John Coumarianos, who I understand are based in both Europe and North America, and comes to us along with Lileks (with thanks to Zach Barbera of Voice from the Commonwealth) as a “highly recommended conservative blog” (hence the “red” designation on the dog run on the home page, as well as here.)  The blogroll leans heavy to starboard, as does the commentary.  There are some interesting discussions of goings on Europe and financial, and of course, we have political discussion (not surprisingly, pro-Bush).  It is an interesting perspective, though again, worthy of attention.
TD Designation:  Icelandic Sheepdog(Iceland is halfway between Europe and North America!)

Ipse Dixit

is the work of blogger C.D. Harris, who, I am advised, is from Louisville.  He appears to be an attorney (from his use of obscure Latin legalisms, like…ipse dixit!) and links to a group of attorney-bloggers, as well as the leading lights of righty-blogs.  The posts are, well, hard-hitting (there is an Oakland Raiders logo on the homepage!). C.D. is no lap dog, he criticizes the errors of our current government as he sees them too, so, there you go!!!
TD Designation:  American Bulldog

Inappropriate Response

comes to us from Oregon blogger Moira Breen; I can’t tell if Moira Breen is a groovy granola liberal, or just an extremely practical and sensible moderate, or what. Moira gets into many topics, including those of both regional and universal relevance, as well as mixing in details of her own existence (a classic weblog!). She has an interestingly categorized blogroll — by names of BLOGGERS, rather than by names of blogs. Moira was an early linker to the TD, and I’m glad to see her back in more or less regular blogging, as she is entertaining and informative.
TD Designation:  Briard

The Invisible Hand

is the work of New York blogger Philip Murphy, who tells us that his blog will give us “Vital Information About Euro-snobbery, Islamofascism, and Lousy Modern Architecture”.  Philip describes his politics as “neo-con”, though he spends a fair amount of time blogging political issues and plain old straight Euro-bashing (everyone on the American political spectrum can agree at least on THAT!)
TD Designation:  Irish Wolfhound


is the work of DC lawyer Sam Heldman (via Alabama). Sam is, well, a bomb throwing liberal, who, in my favorite rhetorical style, pulls no punches. He blogs on topics political and legal and Alabama — including Alabama law, in a punchy, hard hitting way.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle/Pug Mix

Icicle Fief: Home of The Ice Queen

comes to us from another Anglospherica provincial capital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the extremely amusing work of blogger Susan, who tells of characters named Boomer, and her son, the Ice Prince, and others, as Susan takes us on a random walk around her life, her musings, popular culture, lists of amusing things and amusing questions.
TD Designation:  Finnish Lapphund

Inn of the Last Home

comes to us from Tennessee blogger Barry (Tennessee, the superpower of the blog world, probably because Al Gore invented the Internet). Barry gives us a healthy link section to the Rocky Top Brigade (other Tennessee bloggers) and a few others, mostly righties…and me! The commentary bounces around from matters Tennessee (and Knoxville) to matters national and matters war and peace, and though the perspective is indistinguishably right wing, though in a down-home style that makes it all a little less unpalatable.
TD Designation:  Mountain View Cur


is a tour de force group effort on all things Israel.  The articles are hard hitting, and it is hard to imagine a better “one stop shop” for matters Israeli.
TD Designation:  Dog Show

Israeli Guy

is the work of Israeli blogger Gil Shterzer, who recently came off a blogging hiatus (Gil was missed).  There’s the requisite poltiical stuff, of a “moderate” bent.  But call it gallows humor, or call it something else, Gil is just a funny man.  There are pics, there are jokes, there’s political commentary…the Israeli guy, ladies and gentlemen, he’ll be here all week.
TD Designation:  Giant Schnauzer


(sounds like the work of that peripatetic law professor, no? we made that mistake once!) is the work of Oregon blogger “Dipnut”.  I guess Dipnut can be classified as a “rightie”.  I’m not really sure he can be classified as much of anything, except an over the top, in your face blogger.  You da’ nut!
TD Designation:  American Pit Bull Terrier

Interesting Times

is the work of blogger Chris, and has as its tagline that famous Chinese curse that I am so fond of. Chris does not disappoint, with passionate posts reminiscent of campus activism supporting power to the people and standing up to the man; the blogroll is duly reflective of the left. Interesting reading…
TD Designation:  Chinese Chongqing Dog

In Context

is the work of blogger Lynn B.; she spends a great deal of time on matters Israel, and has a links section devoted to Israel and Jewish subjects. Lynn is devoted to the Jewish state, and let’s say, more likely to be deemed a Likudnik than I, though I agree with most of her assessments of the world. Her other political stances appear to be moderate to slightly righty, but there you go. Interesting reading on one of my favorite subjects, of course.
TD Designation:  Leonberger


is the work of blogger Frank J. Frank is one of them righties, but he is a laugh riot. No political topic is too sacred for the “dumb smart guy”, and while I don’t necessary agree with much of what Frank says, I think I can agree that this is one entertaining blogger.
TD Designation:  Pit Bull Terrier

The Inland Anti-Empire

comes to us from California blogger Kynn, who tells it like it is from Southwest Riverside County. All politics is local, and Kynn does a brilliant job interweaving the local goings on in his particular slice of inland California, with the major national and international trends of the day. Kynn provides extensive local net resources, and a compact blogroll of fellow travelers. I’m told Kynn will soon be adding a companion site, and we’ll watch out for it.
TD Designation:  Komondor

The Illuminated Donkey

(or “the Donk”) is the work of Jersey CIty’s own Ken Goldstein (actually, Kenny’s lived in many places in New Jersey).  This is, somewhat unusually for the dog run, not so much a political blog, as an eclectic cultural and blogging pastiche; the Donk has games with prizes (blog poker; rewards for milestone hits, etc.) and discusses music, culture, pizza– you name it.  Ken is a computer programmer and copywriter by trade, and he inserts many interesting visual effects on the blog.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Donkey)



is the work of blogger Mobius, and is a tour de force of matters of interest to modern Jewry, including resurgent anti-Semitism, Zionism and Jewish educational issues. The links section includes educational and informational resources, rather than blogs, and is worth a look. Well written detail in the professional looking website.
TD Designation:  Boerboel


is the work of superstar blogger Chris Bertram, a senior philosophy lecturer at the UK’s U. of Bristol. Chris’ tagline is “Egalitarian liberalism, some philosophy, some culture, and, with luck and judgement, no bullshit”. I can’t sum up the blog better; the compact blogroll leans left, the posts are well-reasoned and lean, well, left.
TD Designation:  Border Collie


The Kolkata Libertarian

is the opus of Suman Palit, whose tag line is: from the banks of the Ganges, to a treestand in Illinois…defending freedom with a pen and a .357 Magnum. Suman is what Glenn Reynolds only SAYS he is: a genuine, patriotic American (via India) lover of liberty. The posts are to the right of, well, me, but I don’t care! This is sincere libertarianism and conservatism in the best sense of the word. The blogroll is extensive, with many South Asian sources as well as blogosphere standbys.
TD Designation:  Halden Hound

Kieran Healy’s Weblog

is the work of one Kieran Healy, a sociology professor at the University of Arizona.  Kieran is, I believe, an Irish national, and has the wit and the gab and the poetry and the empirical details and evidence and all the other laudatory things I can say apropos of same. The site is partisan lefty (and the blogroll reflects that), and Kieran will drift into cute barbs, and waxes poetic…good stuff, and well said.
TD Designation:  Irish Red and White Setter


is the seminal work of now Beverly Hills-based blogging superstar Mickey Kaus. Now writing for MSN’s Slate (making Mickey an employee of Bill Gates’, I suppose), Mickey rails against moderate lefties, while cutting slack to the extreme right, while hypothesizing that Atrios is none other than Sidney Blumenthal (a man I can hate no matter WHICH pseudonymous website he haunts, BTW). Mickey is a great writer, with usually dead-on opinions and observations rarely made elsewhere; his famous shtick is welfare reform, and how “well” it has worked out (before Dubya, Mick baby!) Anyway, not AN important blog, THE important blog (and Mickey’s single column run on, the model for the TD’s format).
TD Designation:  Mi-ki

Kiwi Pundit

comes to us live from blogger Nigel Kearney of…Wellington, New Zealand.  The repartee is witty; there is a New Zealand links section, and some major league bloggers (somehow, Nigel has put me there); the discussion is pithy, often involving New Zealand, often of general interest to the blogosphere as well.  There are philosophical-related links as well.  This is a relatively new blog, and I think it’s cool to welcome this particular perspective to the links…Nigel reports that dog control is now a big issue in his town (NZ’s capital), and that he has a favorite dog (Nigel is a wise man).
TD Designation:   Border Collie


Rachel Lucas

eponymous blog is, well, in Rachel’s OWN WORDS: “Rachel is a 30-year-old gun-totin’ capitalist oppressor college student with two jobs, two dogs, and no kids. If you take offense to that, kiss my ass. Don’t mess with Texas, because that’s where Rachel lives with John, where they like to make fun of liberals and play with guns.” Actually, this is one of the best “truth in advertising” taglines I have seen — the blog is largely just that: “Did you see what this liberal asshole just wrote?” sort of stuff. The blogroll is, naturally, what I consider hard-ass right wing, though, there you go. While not my cup of tea, this is a very popular blog. Steven den Beste links to her. What else can I say?
TD Designation:  Lucas Terrier (yes, there IS such a dog!)

Link Crusader

is simply a list of (now over 250) lefty and Bush-bashing blogs, a list on which many of the blogs in MY blogroll reside, and on which the TD himself romps and roams.
TD Designation:  Dog Show

Liberal Oasis

where “The Left is Right, and the Right is Wrong” (Stop right there! How can you NOT LOVE THIS SITE?) is a group effort to restore the good name of liberalism in the post-Dukakis era! The site is a cornucopia of resource links, with selected blog comments of the week, and a floating multifarious (LEFTY!) links section, and articles of relevance. Liberals, wander in the desert no more!
TD Designation:   American Water Spaniel

Liberal Desert

is the work of Arizonan Sam Coppersmith (get a blogroll, Sam, it will help!). Sam fights the good fight from conservative Arizona, and gives us positions of local and universal import, from the right (as in correct, i.e. left) side of the spectrum, and does so with wit and charm.
TD Designation:  Samoyed

Letter from Gotham

is the work of pseudonymous blogger Diane, or Diana Moon. This is a tour de force of matters New York (and Diane’s life), and matters Israel and the Middle East (a key part of Diane’s blogroll). The politics are well to the right of the Upper West Side, though still not necessarily that far out for the East Side. Still, an often unique and sensible angle to most issues (often of the “I know, but I don’t really WANT to know” variety).
TD Designation:  Bichon/Yorkie

Lean Left

is the work of blogger Kevin. This tells it like it is: 98 mile-an-hour fastballs, coming at you from the left! The blogroll is extensive and left leaning. The commentary is concise, and left leaning.
TD Designation:  Landseer

Late Night Thoughts

is the work of blogger Emma, who tells us that the blog is about “…Books, Photography, Music, and the First Amendment”. Translation: it’s a political lefty blog (hence, I LOVE IT!) with a left-leaning blogroll, and interesting and thoughtful forays into matters literary and artistic. Great Stuff!
TD Designation:  Skye Terrier


Linkmeister is the nom de blog of Hawaii’s Steve Timberlake, a nice, friendly liberal blogger and linker extraordinaire (Steve, by profession, is a researcher of marketing and internet kinds of things, and often finds links as exotic and interesting as his home state, pictures of which he often puts up as well; Steve tells us he’s a navy brat who followed his family around, until ending up in… Oahu. Tough break.) The blogroll comes and goes like the Hawaiian breeze, but lists heavily (but not exclusively) to port. In these compassionate conservative times, its good to see that Steve posts his resume (and other self-marketing items) on the blog. Steve is a frequent commenter here and was a huge help during our (world exclusive!) primary blogbursts… I’m delighted to point his blog out to y’all.
TD Designation:  Pointer

Lincoln Plawg

is the work of UK-based blogger John Smith (that might really be his name, you know), and the name is derived from “Politics LAW blog”. John MIGHT BE a lefty, anti-war fellow traveler, God bless him (OR…is he…could he be…a libertarian?…or…does he just THINK about things based on their own merits?) The Lincoln Plawg triggers thought, it does. The blogroll is concise (I’m proud to be on it), and includes standard-bearers of various perspectives.
TD Designation:  English Shepherd


is the work of Minnesota-based writer James Lileks, who I understand, actually IS a professional writer.  The “blog” part of his ambitious site (which also includes interesting miscellaneous chazzurai like old comics and urban planning stuff re: Minneapolis, New York and other places, pictures of “Gnat” and his dog Jasper, who appears to be a yellow lab, though I’m not good at guessing breeds from pictures ) is called the Bleat.  Lileks pulls no punches: he is a hard-ass, pro-war, pro-Israel, patriotic American rightie, and makes no bones about it (so nya!)  Often, the commentary is outrageously funny, though as frequently, strident.  But OF COURSE it’s well-written, people: Lileks is a professional writer!
TD Designation:  Labrador Retriever


Mind Over What Matters

is the work of New York area blogger (I think) Jay Zilber, and is a wonderfully eclectic collection of things political and personal, and other chazurai.  A great blog roll features (presciently) blogs with PET NAMES (of which this is one).
TD Designation:  Schnoodle

Meryl Yourish

eponymous blog (a writer, a weblog, her opinions) is the work of Richmond-based (via New Jersey) web designer and writer Meryl Yourish, who is a very popular blogger indeed. Though she purports to be “center-left”, the blogroll leans to the right (center-right, of course), and the posts lean, well, hawkishly pro-Israel, and eclectic else-wise, though, well, center something. Humor drifts in there, and Meryl tries to call it as she sees it…
TD Designation:  Yorkshire Terrier

is the work of Minneapolis-St. Paul area blogger Michael Finley.  Like you would expect from a Minnesotan, Michael is a reasonable, moderate guy (goes to church, hangs out with his kids) with reasonable moderate politics (he is occasionally outraged by things our government does!).  Middle of the road from the middle of the country — and often dead on target.  He is also a dog lover, and has written extensively regarding same.
TD Designation:  Standard Poodle

Making Light

is the blog of Park Slope Brooklyn’s own Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who blog aficionados will immediately recognize as related (by marriage, as well as by business partnership in the sci-fi publishing game) to Patrick Nielsen Hayden, proprietor of the blog Electrolite. Making Light’s tagline is “Language, fraud, folly, truth, history, and knitting. Et cetera.” While Teresa’s politics are compatible with Patrick’s (and mine), the blog is, well, less political (though by no means are politics not discussed, deftly and in detail), but matters of language, culture, and other assorted potpourri are discussed as well. The blog roll fits this general potpourri, interesting stuff, of and for interesting people.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Myelin: Blogging Ecosystem

is simply two lists (500 each) of blogs, based on a computer sweep of inbound and outbound links.  Right now, as noted above,  your TD is in the top 100 in outbound links, and given the popularity of this blog descriptive directory thing, looks like we’re movin’ on up…
TD Designation:  Dog Show

is the work of blogger Jerome Armstrong, and is your one stop shop for matters political from the right (as in correct, meaning left!) side of the political spectrum.  His links section gives all the major Democratic candidates, many state political sites and numerous others.  J.B. Armstrong does not pull punches, or take prisoners:  this is bad-ass main stream lefty politics coming at you.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Media Whores Online

is sort of a blog, and sort of a moving rant and rail against hypocritical journalists (so it says).  I added MWO at a time when the great Mickey Kaus of Kausfiles had a urinating contest over his decision to link to Lucianne Goldberg; I simultaneously linked to both MWO and Lucianne (though, Lucianne ceased amusing me and I dropped her from the dog run when we changed formats recently, though MWO is still on!).  Though less “bomb throwers” than they once were (and thankfully, less blatantly openly Clintonista), the site is still provocative, nasty and unashamedly biased.
TD Designation:  Pit Bull Terrier

Matthew Yglesias

Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist… Greenwich Village’s own Matt Yglesias is a senior philosophy major at some college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a moderate lefty, and is, with limited exception, correct on just about every political, philosophical or other observation he makes on his blog, which also features some of the best comments and commentators in the blog universe (and was the origin of TD’s presidential campaign). We understand that Matt is looking for a job after graduation…anybody hiring? You won’t be sorry…
TD Designation:  Top Dog


is the work of lawyer and funny woman Madeleine Begun Kane, who has, among other features “Bush’s dayly diary”, with appropriate misspellings of words like misunderestimate, and collections of legal humor, as well as polite left leaning political commentary. There are no funny lawyers — only funny people who made career mistakes.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier Mix


the work of blogger Camilo, who goes for a slick look, and gives as a tag line, “weighty, fluid, brilliant and toxic”. The posts are cryptic, eclectic, shall I say…poetic? The political tone is cool lefty, the blogroll is divided into “Guess Roll” and “Penguin Roll”, and the categories are so broad as to be off the chart…one might say that the sensibility is…mercurial…
TD Designation:  Great Pyrenees

The Moderate Voice

The Moderate Voice is the work of peripatetic neo-blogger and former journalist Joe Gandelman of San Diego and formerly points exotic with the Christian Science Monitor. Joe is a Connecticut Yankee in King Arnold’s Court, and he has put together what he calls “your one stop news source”– and that’s largely true! Joe uses his journalistic sense of what’s important for posts that concern the usually most important 5 or 10 events of a given day, which he presents in a legitimately fair and balanced manner (drives me up a wall that Joe actually wants to consider things on their merits before bashing the President!)… Joe also throws in zinging one liners, periodically… Joe occasionally steals a page from this blog with his “blog of the day” (many of which have ended up in the fair and balanced, albeit still nascent, blogroll). Joe now makes his living as a ventriloquist, and entertains the children of the West. I’ve decided to retire the “top dog” designation, or this blog would be a strong candidate…

TD Designation:  Groenendael


is a “meta-blog”; it has some text, but for the most part, it rates various blog categories (such as rightie and lefty politics, various technical details, and of course, law) supposedly in an automated way.  It has categories of “most popular” and “most influential”, and the players change all the time (though Instapundit seems to always be in there!).  Interestingly, this site (the talking dog) was, if I’m not mistaken, the very first site to be rated number one most influential in the law category.  For whatever reason, like the original all-Jewish starting line-up of the New York Knicks, I have gone on to be replaced, but there was that shining moment!
TD Designation:  Dog Show


is the product of D.C. area blogger Max Sawicky. Max is another partisan liberal, and puts out what we fellow travelers are hungry to read (to reinforce our own absolute infallibility!) with panache and humor. Max divides his comprehensive blogroll by lefty, righty and libertarian. Come for the Bush bashing, stay for more Bush bashing!
TD Designation:  Manchester Terrier


is the work of, if I’m not mistaken, State University of NY at Oswego political science professor Brett Marston. Brett seems to be the genuine article — he has a lot of links to journalistic sources IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES — so we know he’s serious. The political discussion is amusing, as well as informative. Looks like we got ourselves another crazy left wing intellectual. Dig it.
TD Designation: Briquet

Mark Byron

is an eponymous blogger who describes himself as an assistant business professor at an evangelical college in Florida. His blog waxes and wanes between moderate political positions (well-reasoned, of course), and theology; his blog roll is organized on theological lines….remember Mark — Talking spelled frontwards and God spelled backwards…
TD Designation:  Markiesje

Something’s Always Wrong

is the manifesto of Boston area writer Jeremy Wahlman. Jeremy mixes current events (political outlook: moderate), sports, popular culture, and interesting events in a mélange that somehow reminds me of…someone…Jeremy has a compact blogroll consisting of people he knows (such as dog run member Steve Silver) and those he doesn’t (such as yours truly). I would describe it as… eclectic. Once in a while, it’s nice to find someone without a particular axe to grind (except as to baseball) just giving us a well-written perspective on life, the universe and everything.
TD Designation:  Sealyham Terrier

Man Meets Baby

comes to us from J. Fielek of the Blog of Xanadu.  The new blog lets us read about the story of the Fieleks’ new baby, quite literally as he or she develops.  This is the sort of “happy stuff” we’d all like to see more of in the blog world, and I’m damned glad to see it here.  Go.  Share the joy.  NOW!
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Stork)


is the work of blogger Steve, who moves us along the political scale with a tuneful skill, particularly in the left hand. The blog promises “A gathering of thoughts on life, politics, economics, culture and whatever else I find interesting”. Fortunately, Steve finds interesting things interesting, and Steve’s writing is also interesting. The “socio-political” blogroll features most of the big lefties and some of the wider-read members of the Dark Side.
TD Designation:  Mudi


“The News, Uncensored”

is Israeli blogger Shoshannah’s effort. Israeli style, Shoshannah tries to pull no punches, telling like it is, from the unique perspective available to an Israeli blogger. She also has an excellent link resource section.
TD Designation:  Saluki

North Georgia Dogma

is the manifesto of Ricky West, one of the “house conservatives” on the comment boards of Matt Ygelsias’ blog, where I have often done battle and found common ground as well.  Kryptonite for lefty supermen!
TD Designation:  Cocker Spaniel

NYC Bloggers

organizes over 1870 (and counting) New York City based bloggers (including yours truly) by subway line and stop.  The denizens of NYC bloggers are instrumental in blogger social events and organization as well.  Take a ride…
TD Designation:  Dog Show

Nobody Knows Anything

is the work of California blogger Diane. Diane has an extensive “lefty” blogroll, and her blog is a tour de force of the personal statement.
TD Designation:  Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Nathan Newman

is a big-time lefty; a labor lawyer, and vice president of a national lefty lawyer organization. His writing is provocative, and often controversial. One reader even wrote in to question my decision to link to Nathan based on his discussion of the tragedy surrounding the death of Gavin Cato which led to the Crown Heights riots. Getting people pissed off about an issue of the day: that’s what I call exciting blogging!
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle Harrier

Natalie Solent’s Eponymous Blog

is mildly libertarian/rightie in orientation, from this British woman (I think) with quite the wit; I also understand that Natalie Solent is a made up name. Good show! Natalie is on blogging hiatus for the next few weeks, but when she’s back, is quite entertaining on subjects British and beyond.
TD Designation:  English Toy Spaniel

Notes from the Lounge

comes to us from Julian Sanchez, a freelance writer for the Cato Institute living in greater D.C. Julian is another straight-out libertarian (who studied philosophy and poli. sci. at dear old N.Y.U.). The blogroll is short, but eclectic and inclusive in orientation, as are the posts. A government skeptic, and proponent of individual rights, Julian’s posts are crisp and defensive of liberty (wherever possible!)
TD Designation:  Sanshu Dog

Not a Fish

is the work of Israeli blogger Imshin, who gives us her heartfelt perspective as an Israeli mother of two, during the endless existential struggle that is life in that nation these days. She also gives us unique inside details of Israeli politics, and events there.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Newssrack Blog

is the work of D.C. area blogger Thomas Nephew.  Thomas appears to be a political moderate, evidently in favor of the current war, but cognizant of various opinions.  There is also a German focus to this blog (including links to a number of German bloggers) that presents an interesting perspective.  The blogroll is broad in scope and spectrum.  Another reasonable perspective coming at ya…
TD Designation:  German Hunt Terrier

Notes of a Shopaholic

is the work of blogger Steven, and lemme tell you: THIS is your one-stop shop for all things shopping!  There are links to fashion magazines, and of course, places to shop!  The commentary is wall to wall discussions of shopping.  What can I say?  Log on and shop till you drop!
TD Designation:  Schipperke

New Left Blogs

or the Lefty Directory, is simply a list (with some brief interviews and related posts by Brian Linse, of Ain’t No Bad Dude). The TD is proud to be a part of this list of the blogosphere’s leading lefties, some of whom deny that they even ARE lefties (but we KNOW who you are…and Attorney General Ashcroft does too!!!).
TD Designation:  Dog Show



is a tripartite effort:  the political rantings of Josh Chafetz, a 2001 Rhodes Scholar and graduate student in political theory at Oxford, Dan Urman, a 2001 Marshall Scholar and graduate student in international relations at Oxford, and David Adesnik, a 2000 Rhodes Scholar and graduate student in international relations at Oxford.  Not surprisingly, this group is often critical of our government; more surprisingly, they often attack it from the right.  Mr. Chafetz has had his work published in the Weekly Standard, among other places, and these guys are tough, thoughtful, (oh, they’re &^%%ing brilliant), and cover a wide array of interesting topics.
TD Designation:  Olde English Bulldogge

One Man’s Opinion

is the work of One Man a/k/a Dustin M. Wax o.k. whoever he (or she) REALLY is. What he (or she) writes is some diabolically clever good-guy agitprop (wait a minute…can the good guys produce agitprop?) A solid lefty blogroll, most of whom are already dog run denizens (and the rest will be soon), and in one talking dog’s opinion, over the plate commentary from a left-handed fireballer.
TD Designation:  Dunker

Occam’s Toothbrush

is the opus of blogger Moe Freedman.  The hard-right blogroll (hey Moe, got room for a slightly mangy, left-leaning dog there, buddy?) tells you what you’ll be seeing in the text: hawkish on current war and peace matters, hawkish on the Israel-Palestinian context, hard right on most things.  But in a disciplined, reasoned way — not merely towing the line of his favorite anti-idiotarians (damn!  that’s not a word, and now I’M using it!) — this is something else: well-reasoned positions.  Occam’s Toothbrush is also a great name (particularly if, like me, you believe that the SIMPLEST answer for everything is conservatism, though not necessarily the CORRECT answer.)  But, those of you paying attention know that I enjoy a good battle of wits with the worthy, and baby, Occam’s Toothbrush is worthy.
TD Designation:  Moscow Watchdog

Objectionable Content

is the work of mysterious New York area blogger Jim (he’s not THAT mysterious, as he regularly appears at blogger bashes, where once I met him).  The blog may be objectionable to SOME, as it questions some conventional notions (like…everything Israel does is good… the “no-fly zones” over Iraq are in any way “legal”…blogs have to updated with any degree of regularity).  Jim is an original.
TD Designation:  Border Terrier

Ones and Zeros

comes to us from Houston’s Michael Croft, husband of Ginger Stampley, and has a great deal of the sensibilities of Ginger’s blog.  Like it, it is a heavily-into-tech blog, as well as gaming, and, of course, its part of the great axis of Houston area liberal bloggers.  Again, good stuff — Texas ain’t messin’ with us!
TD Designation:  Tahltan Bear Dog

On the Third Hand

On the Third Hand is the work of Florida blogger Kathy Kinsley, with many a guest posting from Momma Bear (formerly of the Dodgeblog). Kathy and Momma Bear are proud members of the Brigade of Bellicose Women, and the tone is appropriately patriotic, and somewhere to the right of, well, me. The blogroll is huge– and is so big as to defy a place on the political spectrum. The layout is somewhat unique for a blog, but it grows on you. The text is hard-hitting and well-reasoned– what else would we expect from members of the Brigade of Bellicose Women! Updates are frequent, so come early, come often. TD Designation: Non-canines (Top Kat and Momma Bear) .

Phillip Coons.Com

is the work that eponymous blogger (Phillip Coons!) The site reads kind of like a newspaper, news of the day, sort of interwoven to advance the blogger’s political agenda, which seems to be hard-ass lefty (YES!) (Haven’t seen anyone try THAT approach before…) The blogroll members are the lefty goodies (with the big guys being “daily reads”), and there are other resources, including government and military. This is a heretofore buried treasure of a blog that I’m glad found its way here.
TD Designation:  American Black and Tan Coonhound

Off the Kuff

is the product of Houston’s own Charles Kuffner.  Charles is a bad-ass liberal, and out and out partisan, no punches pulled here.  The blog roll is broad, with the big lefties all there.  Posts are detailed, and again, pack a punch.
TD Designation:  Boxer


is the work of Seattle area journalist David Neiwert, who tells us he is an award winning freelance journalist and author, and his work can be found at MSNBC, The Washington Post, and Salon. The blog’s name is derived from one of the species native to his native Northwest: orcinus orca, or the killer whale (you all know what that means!). David is a fabulous writer and an absolute partisan; the posts are cogent, detailed, occasionally breathtakingly good. The blogroll is, well, a model lefty blogroll (though…I’m not…on it…)
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Orcinus Orca/Killer Whale)



Pen-Elayne on the Web is the link heavy brainchild of da’ Bronx’s own Elayne Riggs (who posts her resume on the site… in George W. Bush’s America– let’s just say, good move). Elayne is a free-spirited gen-u-ine lib-e-ral (as duly reflected in a liberal heavy blogroll– no nonsensical pretense of “fair and balanced” here). The posts vary from the political, to the personal, to women’s issues, to cooking, leisure and writing issues, with numerous citations to other bloggers and other sources– a very labor intensive, link intensive production. (I promised Elayne that when I got back to doggy bloggy reviewing, she would be first– as her blog alone also conformed to my then “Beatles title” theme. Also, like me, Elayne is an avowed Marxist-Lennonist, so I thank her for that large postage stamp featuring both Groucho and John).
TD Designation:  Pencil-tail Feist

Perverse Access Memory

is the work of long-time blog world stand-out, Houston area blogger Ginger Stampley, and is simultaneously a tech blog, a gaming blog, a blog about blogging AND a lefty political blog, with forays into everything from immigration law to Ginger’s life to, well, everything, all rolled into one seamless, slick, well-categorized, joy-to-read blog…
TD Designation:  German Spitz

The Poor Man

is the brilliant work of one Andrew Northrup, who we believe to be an Austin, Texas based engineering student (I’m sure I’ll hear about it if I’ve misstated this) who is my vote for the funniest man in blogging. Among his gems are the Al Pacino theorem (virtually no movie cannot be improved by placing Al Pacino in a key roll, including on occasion, movies which Al Pacino is ALREADY IN), the Pepsi Blue theorem, and The Poor Man hypotheses themselves (Christian Slater being the poor man’s Jack Nicholson as the easiest, and then quickly spinning out of control). There are pictures (such as the Jon Pertwee cycle — he of Dr. Who fame), and whatever else Andrew feels like. The commentary is bitingly lefty, just vicious, and delicious.
TD Designation:  Top Dog


is the group project of bloggers and academic political economists (or variations thereon) Conrad Barwa of St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, and Jason Kirk and Vikash Yadav of the University of Pennsylvania. This is a specialty blog, devoted to matters South Asia (which, of course, is REAL CLOSE to matters Middle East!). It has a fabulous South Asian resource section (Bangladeshi newspapers, for God’s sake!). The tone is “way out there lefty” (Conrad tells us that it’s just what you’d expect from academics originating in a Third World nation specializing in this area). But the writing is compelling, and the subject matter is insufficiently explored in the blog world. Until now!
TD Designation:  Alsatian/Central Asian Olvtcharka Mix

Punning Pundit

is the work of California blogger Andrew Cory; he wrote in and asked “how does one get on the best damned links section on the InternetTM?” Some questions answer themselves! Punning Pundit is, of course, a great name. But aside from that, Andrew is intriguing; he has a short blogroll, that (present company excepted) leans to the Dark, er, right side of the political spectrum. And his posts seem to follow that…except, Andrew digs deep into issues, and extracts nuggets of truth…  Stuff that upsets my doctrinaire instincts! A reasonable man.
TD Designation:  Curly-Coated Retriever


Dwight Meredith’s Journal of Politics, Law and Autism is an off-the-chart-brilliant treatment of all three subjects. Yes, Dwight is a fellow lefty, but unlike many (me?), Dwight takes the time to carefully dissect opposing positions and to carefully explore positions advocated. An extensive blogroll and resource section just adds to the credibility and appeal of this site.
TD Designation:  Border Collie


is the work of blogger Jesse; he advises us that the Dining Room is open (his sign “functional nirvana for free” seems to be down; perhaps it was a result of Jesse’s recent “experiences”). Jesse has a “newsie” and extensive links collection, which matches his direct, to the point commentary which is, well, appropriate left-leaning and anti-war. A throwback to a groovier era, perhaps, what I expect in my lefties!
TD Designation:  I’m torn between saying “Non-Canine: Panda” and “Thai Ridgeback”. But then, in Nirvana, you can be all or none, or both or neither, or…

Path of the Paddle

or “Canoe” as it sometimes shows up on blogrolls, is the work of Ikram Saeed, with tagline “As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances”. The fascinating focus of the blog seems to be matters Canada and matters Middle East (as reflected in the small blogroll, featuring blogs concentrating in…matters Canada and matters Middle East!). Ikram’s perspective is, well, pretty damned sensible. We could use FEWER people like that in Canada (they’re ALL so damned sensible, damn them) and more of them in the Middle East (where sensible is a dirty word).
TD Designation:  Canoe Dog

The Peking Duck

is the delicious main course served by ex-pat blogger Richard, almost live from Beijing. Richard more or less DOES NOT go into extensive criticism of the PRC government, or even commentary on its actions; he doesn’t seem to do that at all, actually. He lets us in on some details of his life (like myself, he is undergoing physical therapy on a shoulder, though in his case, in Chinese hospitals!), or his (I guess information technology-related) work, or other interesting details. In particular, it’s not Richard’s moderately progressive politics that jump out, but his important chronicling of the locals’ opinion of this country in the capital city of another country (one that happens to have, oh 20-25% of the world’s people, among other things). Great stuff, and you don’t have to order it in advance.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Peking Duck)

Paul Frankenstein

(with a sporty new URL to go with his site), a New York-area blogger, assures us that Paul Frankenstein is indeed his real name. Paul’s site is punchy, visual, artistic, that’s the word I’m looking for! Paul is a prime mover among blog bashers (that’s parties), often being the first to post photos of same. I’m not really aware of Paul getting into “political” commentary, so much as an ongoing commentary on existential angst and realism. Cool stuff from a cool dude.  [Editor:  Paul Frankenstein writes in to note that he DOES have political commentary, at this location.]
TD Designation:  Beauceron


is the work of blogger Paul Goyette, who is a graduate student in public policy based at the University of Chicago (who writes operas as well). Thought-provoking discussions of the issues of the day, an extensive media list and a blogroll that includes, well, me (and the main lefties).
TD Designation:  Perdigueiro Portugueso

Public Nuisance

California based blogger Alex Frantz’s one man random walk through the blogosphere. Not so random:  Alex incorporates pictures, charts, facts, figures and biting commentary (with a powerful left leaning blogroll), as he goes on a tour-de-force of right-thinking (meaning left-thinking), not merely addressing, but attacking, the issues of the day.
TD Designation:  Alopekis/Border Collie Mix

Planet Swank

is the work of Indianapolis blogger and computer maven Gregory Harris. Gregory represents what (to me) is the best of the blog world, a liberal with a sense of humor! His blogroll features the big lefties (and others), and other valuable resources; Greg will drift from the political into the technical or pop-cultural every now and again, but we’re looking at some good, solid, often pleasantly sarcastic commentary, we got ou’selves a live one! With “bad movie links” and other “links of periodic intervals” — like I said — we got ou’selves a live one.
TD Designation:  American Staghound

The Perpetual Three Dot Column

or Jesse Walker’s eponymous blog, is the work of Mr. Walker, an associate editor of Reason magazine. Mr. Walker produces an intellectually fascinating blog, focusing on the underlying facts which form the basis of the memes that the rest of us spout off about, from a distinctly libertarian (or even out and out, dare I say it, honest, non-judgmental) perspective. The blogroll features many intellectuals (a good many I have, ahem, never heard of) and promises fascinating reading. Reading for people who want to now higher truths, rather than to enforce their preconceived ideologies.
TD Designation:  Treeing Walker Coonhound

The People’s Republic of Seabrook

(Texas, it’s around greater Houston) , is the work of the mysterious Northstar (though from the bizarre copyright notice, it might be someone named Jack K., Esq.) This is one funny site; I guess the PRS is a lefty free zone, though it never appears that Northstar’s tongue ever leaves his cheek.  The blogroll includes an extensive sports sectoin. Posts are generally bite size and biting.
TD Designation:  Sealyham Terrier


is the work of Atlanta (Georgia Tech, specifically) based blogger Zakaria Ajmal and on occasion, his wife Amber. Zack is originally from Pakistan, and gives us the appropriate perspective, with focus from that part of the world. I would classify Zack as a moderate liberal, but the interesting focus here is on South Asian and Middle Eastern issues, where his is a fresh and welcome perspective. Posts are thorough, and well reasoned (as you would expect * * from an electrical engineer.)
TD Designation:  Pashmi Hound

Virginia Postrel

is not so much a blogger as an intellectual whirlwind operating on the cutting edge of the blog world. Ms. Postrel has moved from a “wind-swept” picture to a cheesecake babe-shot on the front of her site. A now Dallas-area based Princeton grad, at some point in her 20’s, she was editor-in-chief of Reason magazine. A major writer and thinker in her own right, she lets us in on her often lengthy (and at times, quite irregular) musings, often of a libertarian bent, or another “slight-ly right-ly”, on political, cultural, and sometimes educational issues sometimes NOT otherwise extensively discussed in blog-dom. A compact blog roll features important sites of both the left and the right.
TD Designation:  Porcelaine


Quit That

is the product of blogger Marc, who tells us that he is a computer programmer, and blogging for Marc is as much to test out computer programs for blogging (“Simcat”) as anything else!  His is a rambling of personal statements, occasionally political (probably “slightly to the right”, but more often a pot pourri, and  technical stuff .  The blogroll is extensive (Marc notes its 164 links strong– almost as insanely large as MY blogroll!).
TD Designation:  Simaku


or Shouting Across the Potomac as it is otherwise known, is the work of D.C. area bloggers Tony Adragna and Will Vehrs.  They provide what amounts to a private McLaughlin Group type cornucopia of matters political arising out of our nation’s capital, in a fast paced setting (they often keep scores, and have “Sunday talk show wrap ups” and similar analyses).  It’s hard to give a left or right classification here, so much as “well-reasoned”  (naturally, I assume they’re lefties!).  Hard hitting, compelling…
TD Designation:  American Bulldog


The Rabid Dog

the Evil Righty Brother of The Talking Dog is, well, just that. The blog is about a year-and-a-half younger than its older, wiser, lefter brother; TD Brother Fred is a bit younger still. To paraphrase Get Smart, imagine if the TD used his brilliant wit and rhetorical powers for the dark side, instead of for niceness…  If he did, you would get…The Rabid Dog. (Note: the blogger formerly known as the Rabid Dog is currently known as The Raving Atheist), I smell, guest posts!
TD Designation:  Rabid Dog (quarantine, we can cure this one)

Ruminate This

is the manifesto of blogger Lisa English. You know where Lisa is coming from when you see her “lefty blogroll” at apparently over 100 entries (yours truly pleased to be included), the libertarian list at…3, the right wing list at…2 (and she correctly places Instapundit there!). Lisa is not merely a lefty bomb thrower, she digs deep, she digs around, she makes YOU DIG THIS SITE!
TD Designation:  Lhasa Apso

Roger Ailes Over and Out

tells us Roger is NOT the one who hangs out with Peggy Noonan. Roger does, however, frequently WRITE to the other Roger Ailes (the one now in charge of Fox News) to lambaste him, of late, for paying a fortune to Iraq for the privilege of covering the story there (without telling the public it is doing so; we don’t report, you don’t decide, I guess!) Roger is a bomb thrower. He gets to some of the dirtiest crap our government is doing in your name, and tells it like it is, in a nasty, punchy style. The blogroll contains many of the lefty standards, and other resources.
TD Designation:  Top Dog

The Road to Surfdom

is the work of Australian blogger Tim Dunlop, who tells us his is an intermittent weblog walking the thin line between idiot and savant. Tim has an extensive blogroll featuring numerous Australian bloggers, as well as “international” bloggers (such as myself), and a number of other media sources. The leanings are a bit to the left, as are Tim’s posts, which are also amusing and clever; of late, Tim had the “doggerels of war” series, and Tim seems to break into verse periodically. Still, good solid right-thinking (that is to say, LEFT thinking) from Down Unda’.
TD Designation:  Australian Kelpie


is the work of Oakland, California blogger Raymond, who ORIGINALLY comes to us geographically and politically from Texas (not the liberal part).  This is a new blog, and Raymond weaves personal anecdotes into local, national and world affairs in an engaging way; though I disagree with a healthy part of what Raymond writes, I still want to read more.  The blogroll hasn’t been born yet; the blogs cited by Raymond in his comments so far run the gamut, perhaps an eclectic in the making?
TD Designation:  Louisiana Catahula Leopard Dog

Right Wing News

is a magnum opus of web-master John Hawkins, who, if I’m not mistaken, is UK-based [I stand corrected, John turns out to be American!]. Anyway, surprise, surprise, John’s perspective is…right wing! Though not the insane “anti-idiotarian” crap you see on SOME sites (that not even I will link to): thoughtful, well reasoned positions, that often make me question my own perspectives. The blogroll is extensive. I credit John with my own strategy to expand and improve this site — John has published a list of “how to expand your traffic” on his site — and his one strategy (write to sites you like and JUST ASK THEM TO EXCHANGE LINKS WITH YOU) has generated the humongous list I am slogging through now! John must be English, if the “other side” in this country were as polite and well-reasoned, I would not be such a doctrinaire lefty!
TD Designation:  American Bulldog

The Raving Atheist

is well known to long time readers of this site (both of them) as the former “Rabid Dog” (when I was the “Left Leaning Dog”). As my surgically separated Siamese blog brother, he has gone on to blogging greatness, over his pet intellectual hobby horse, the philosophical justifications of atheism, and mocking small, meaningless people who believe in God and can’t really articulate why, while ignoring big players and bigger church-state issues that might be more appropriate for a wit as well-honed as his. Raving has been getting better lately, and has kicked some IMPORTANT ass like Andrew Sullivan and William F. Buckley (Catholicism, as the world’s most developed theology, makes the best target for him, though he takes on ALL COMERS in the world of believers and the God-fearing). Some of the parody posts he does are as good as anything I’ve ever read in any media; it’s worth reading every day just to see what he’s going to do next.
TD Designation:  Top Dog


“Raw Meat for the Mind” is the magnum opus of Baltimore area blogger Fred Pruitt, who describes himself as an ex-army man, ex-company man (as in the Acme Industrial Company) and current computer programmer, who spends most of his time with his wife, cats, job and blog. I believe him: the blog effort is monumental, as Fred quite literally compiles the news of the world, from himself and other contributors, but man, is there an awful lotta stuff here. With Fred’s background, you might think the tone would be hard-ass patriot, and you’d be right! The blogroll is lengthy and leans to the right, and a resource section includes, among other things, a lefty nut section and other information that is actually encyclopedic in scope. Be prepared to hang around Rantburg a while.
TD Designation:  Bergamasco

Redwood Dragon

is the work of Silicon Valley blogger Dave Trowbridge, who gives us as a tagline, “Christian, anarcho-monarchist, stoogeolator, Schutzhund newbie, and once-and-future science-fiction writer.” The blog is thoughtful, politically right-leaning (the blogroll certainly is), though still war-skeptical, and extremely poignant, intelligent commentary.
TD Designation:  Schutzhund (a/k/a German Shepherd)


is the work of all-around sensible guy Marc J. Wilson. Marc has links to something about his family, and a scaffolding company with which I am familiar, and a hell of a lot of lefty bloggers (including yours truly) that immediately evoke images of some sort of, well, LEFTY BLOGGER. But instead, Marc posits a sensible approach to the world, a sensible approach to the First Amendment, a sensible approach to childrearing, man, this guy…!  I don’t know what else to say…go read this guy and get some sense into you!
TD Designation:  Standard Poodle(as sensible a dog as I can think of)

The Rittenhouse Review

is the work of Philadelphia blogging superstar James Capozzola. James offers both the main text and the “lighter side” of Rittenhouse, and a blogroll that features, famously, no one who links to a particular right wing site (which I dare not mention, lest I inadvertently link to it!!!). Why? Because James is more than a well-spoken, intense, thoughtful partisan (God bless him), he takes this &^%$ SERIOUSLY, to the point where the hatemongering excesses of the right that seem to be stoked up by the likes of…you know who…and the little he can do to restore civility, even if only in the blogosphere, is worth the trouble. Man, I admire that. Otherwise, the blog is thoughtful and wide-ranging, and of course, well-written.
TD Designation:  Border Collie

Ribbity Frog

is a pseudonymous Israeli blogger. RF has a small blogroll consisting of a few other Israeli bloggers. And RF doesn’t post all that often. But each post is a gem. For example, RF concludes simply, but brilliantly, that the current problem of the Labour Party is like general’s fighting the last war, it is fighting for the last peace, and events have changed (as most Israelis agree that Arafat is not, and never will be, a reliable peace partner in the realm of a Sadat or King Hussein). I wish Ribbity Frog would croak more often, as this is one amphibian with something to say.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Ribbity Frog)

Regions of Mind

is the work of Geitner Simmons, an Omaha-based journalist (and our second Nebraskan on the dog run), whose self-description is History, U.S. regionalism, foreign policy, politics, journalism, life. The blogroll leans right, and the posts certainly lean that way. There is an interesting links section, including matters Nebraska and of general interest. This is a polite, well-spoken treatment of its subject, which is, well, everything.
TD Designation:  American White Shepherd

The ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose

is the work of California’s “Cowboy Khalil”, who I guess we would describe as an anarchically liberal libertarian, who has sufficient life experience to tell us not to trust our government. The categorized link section is an amazing effort at classification, and is worth a look on its own. Cowboy K.’s bio includes 10-points mostly written by Dan Quayle (need I say more?). Come for the Bush bashing, stay for the blogroll.
TD Designation:  Cao de Castro Laboreiro

The Randomness of Ravenwolf

is the product of New York area blogger Ravenwolf, and is the stylish predecessor to her either site, Anomaly (and Ravenwolf refers to yet other websites in her mysterious empire!). This is a stylish blog, impossible to explain, so I won’t. Randomness is a really good description.
TD Designation:  Raven Wolf


skippy the bush kangaroo

the work of the coiner of the neologism “blogtopia”, skippy is a diabolically clever and funny part of the vast left wing conspiracy (and skip refuses to use capital letters in text). skippy is funny, punchy, just what you’d expect from a kangaroo. but i don’t buy the bush part — no way skippy voted for bush. the blogroll contains some capital letters, but has some social activism sections, as well as many great blogs (such as…mine!)
TD Designation:  non-canine (kangaroo) and honorary top dog


is the work of American-in-Brussels Peter Vaara (and amazingly, after my recent Pythonesque outburst re: Belgium, Peter still links to me!) This is because Peter has a hell of a sense of humor. Peter is also a wonderfully doctrinaire lefty. I am proud to be on his tiny (nascent?) blogroll, organized by national flags. Peter often accomplishes what I strive for: effective sarcasm, that’s entertaining to boot.
TD Designation:  Border Collie/Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Mix

Strata Lucida

Strata Lucida is the well-constructed little gem of Oakland, California’s own Chris Tweney, whose status as a renaissance person seems confirmed by Chris’s writings (available on the site) which literally run the gamut from cutting edge physics to cutting edge music (and, of course, the high-level discussions you get in the blog itself). But Buckaroo Bonzai this blog is not: what it IS is a solid, direct attack on politics and the world at large, from a fireballing southpaw; blogroll is NOT fair and balanced– just some of your favorite fellow travelers.

TD Designation:

Shots Across the Bow

is the get tough manifesto of East Tennessee’s own Rich Hailey.  Rich’s masthead has a battleship firing away — and Rich’s blog comes out shootin’ as well.  Rich is a tough pro-war, patriotic American kind of guy, with the bad ass right wing blogroll (which I have managed to sneak on) to prove it.  Actually, I believe Rich has some military experience, and Rich has some pretty damned intelligent things to say about our military policy and other matters political, national, international, and local.
TD Designation:  Telomian

She Sells Sanctuary

is the product of a Sydney, NSW, Australia-based blogger, the lovely Gianna, who tells us she and her super-cool hippy-dippy journalist dad and typist mum emigrated from Germany to Australia in the early 70’s.  She in turn has migrated from Melbourne to Sydney, and now works as an administrative assistant in Australia’s largest city.  The blog touches on progressive politics, and matters international, Australia, cultural, and, Gianna.  The cool blogroll features many sites I recognize, and many I don’t (but now feel compelled to check out).
TD Designation:  Australian Shepherd


is the work of parodist blogger Scott Ott (unless THAT is a parody too).  Day in, day out, Scott puts out stories that are alarmingly close to real looking, yet are hilarious parodies.  (Occasionally in the comments, you can read people who DO think his stories are REAL!)  I once described him as a one-man Onion, but he is so much funnier than The Onion.  Scott is a tad conservative (he’s well to the right of many of the dog run), and though I seemed to be once on his original blogroll, I seem to have dropped off somewhere around the time Scott became a superstar.  Remember who loved you back when you were nobody, Scott, baby…
TD Designation:  Top Dog

Sasha Castel

or La Blogatrice, is the work of formerly New York-based blogger (and opera nut) Sasha Castel, who has gone off to the UK to marry Andrew Ian Dodge (formerly of Dodgeblog).  Andrew, I understand, works for the Tory Party as an activist.  Surprise, surprise, the blog has a distinctly conservative poltical bent, with a fair amount of opera discussion.  The blogroll is organized by popular song titles.
Verily saith the TD for his Designation:  Silky Terrier


is a UK-based multiple participant blog.  The blog’s name is a Soviet era code word for a system of clandestine publication.  Samizdata points out assaults on freedom on both sides of the Atlantic, with a special emphasis on the abuses of the Blair government (though our government also falls under Samizdata’s gaze).  I’d describe it as almost pure libertarian, fascinating subjects not often explored elsewhere.  Though I would describe Samizdata as to my right politically, when the *&^% hits the fan, I want these guys to have my back.
TD Designation: Siberian Husky

Sisyphus Shrugged

is the blogging tour de force of a Queens, New York blogger. Julia pulls no punches about her progressive politics and outlook; she blames this on being a lifelong New Yorker. Details of Julia’s personal life, as she totes her daughter around Queens, for example, work their way in (blogging is, after all, a personal statement, a “web log”); in lieu of a blogroll, Julia has a unique me-zine featuring a number of the best pieces from well over a dozen great progressive bloggers.
TD Designation:  Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Mix

Andrew Sullivan

is one of those “mandatory” links that all bloggers “have to have”. Which, to be honest, is why I still do. Because since 9-11-01, the brilliant writer (youngest editor at The New Republic, writer for The New York and London Times, all around genius) and thinker has become little more than a lap dog for the Bush Administration and its abuses. You’d think Sully would be a bit more careful, what with his self-contradictory insistences on being openly gay, Catholic and Conservative. Nope. Lap dog.
TD Designation:  Toy Poodle

Steve Silver

joins other nice Jewish boys from Minnesota to come to New York and make good like Al Franken and Bob Dylan; Steve settled for coolaceous Hoboken (hey, I used to live in Weehawken), where Steve tells us he is a professional journalist. He is slightly to my right (whatever that means), as reflected in his blogroll (which I am somehow in). But Steve’s commentaries are pithy, and, like a good journalist, well documented. Further, Steve treats us to popular culture, and especially, sports, to a degree that MAKES ME WANT MORE.
TD Designation:  Stephens Stock

Smell the Blog

is the work of Atlanta-area blogger (and CPA!) Paul Fontaine.  Paul’s posts are mostly humorous (I particularly enjoyed the story on the deployment of Shields — and Yarnell — in Iraq).  There’s nice, biting commentary when moving to the “serious”.  Paul does lapse into “anti-idiotarian” (not a word), but he uses it playfully.  In fact, playful is kind of the word I’d use for this blog, which is “conservative-leaning”  (say Paul, why do you want to be on MY pinko link list…no matter)…
TD Designation:   Labrador Retriever


is the work of Toronto blogger Andrew Edwards.  Andrew was a pro-war liberal (who felt the Bush Administration was &^%%ing up a war he otherwise supported, a position remarkably similar to mine — i.e., I might have cottoned to BILL CLINTON blowing the crap out of Saddam — I could trust him with the ship of state — just not the car keys or the babysitter, but BUSH?). He has a compact blogroll, and insightful (and inciteful) commentary. Sadly, Andrew has taken a hiatus since mid-January. I am confident he will be back: his voice is needed.
TD Designation: Scotch Collie

Sister Staceypatrick Explains It All For You

comes to us from blog-world superpower Ontario, whose tagline is “Ramblings and ravings from the not-so-hallowed mind of a scarcely-devout individual.” She takes us through details of her own life (with “the Father”), and drifts in and out of progressive political discussions. No blogroll (yet?). One post is so good (3-27-03), that in a rarity, I will reproduce it in its entirety: “Thought for the Day: ‘You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn’t want to go to war.’”
TD Designation:   Irish Staffordshire

Simone Koo

is a student at Georgetown. She purports to hail from South Korea to be studying math and economics, to have an inconceivably wide array of interests, and she posts an inconceivably fabulous photo gallery (including fabulous pictures of herself, and in some cases, of others). She also posts extensively, with a fair amount of detailed knowledge, particularly on East Asian related matters, but on many others. The politics appear to be “intelligent liberal”, with a dash of bleeding heart. The links section is quite extensive, and interesting in its own right. This is an example of the blogging revolution: in theory, any undergrad can publish something as extensive and ambitious as this. (In practice, we leave it to the likes of Simone).
TD Designation:  “Hoya” Bulldog
(note: the Georgetown fight theme, hoya saxa, is Greek for “what a rock”, in reference to a football squad of bygone years; somehow, it stuck, and got attached to a bulldog).

Silflay Hraka

is the work of Big Wig, Kehar and Woundwort, who are respectively, an academic administrator, a journalist and an academic (I know Big Wig as Sid from North Carolina; Sid was the original progenitor of the now fabulously successful “Carnival of the Vanities” series.) The interesting name is a code from the rabbit language of Richard Adams’ Watership Down (meaning, I believe, go ^%$$ in the woods). This is “the” good-natured right-wing warmonger blog you have been looking for! The blogroll is extensive (hell, it’s immense); the bigwig 3 give us personal details (such as of the child “Ngnat”), their favorite beers, and news of the world not often found elsewhere. Entertaining and informative…
TD Designation:  Carolina Dog

Seth D. Michaels Presents the Seth Bulletin

reminds me (in so many ways) of a TV show hypothesized by me in college called “The Seth Farber Comedy Hour Starring Seth Farber as Himself”.  Seth Michaels is a hilarious Bostonian writing a political blog.  The blogroll is compact hard lefty, with some local area resources.  Seth seems he likes to make humorous light of the idiocies of our national leadership and its intellectual allies…hmmmm….I wonder where I’ve seen that before?  I’m glad I came across this site.  You will be too.
TD Designation:  Border Collie/Labrador Mix

Seeing the Forest

comes to us from California blogger Dave Johnson, who tells us he is now associated with a think tank called the Commonweal Institute, designed to advance moderate, progressive views, after a career in the high tech sector.  I’m going to call this a “meta-site” in the sense that I haven’t seen what Dave does done quite this way.  Other bloggers (some already on our list) are associated with think tanks; Dave actually DISCUSSES think tanks (it’s a coffee table book about coffee tables…)  While Dave’s moderate progressive politics make their way in there, his unique perspective makes this a most compelling discussion that I’m glad we have an opportunity to read.  Although Dave kindly provided me with links to pictures of his dogs Buddy and Espresso, I can’t ascertain their breeds from the pictures.
TD Designation:  Border Collie

The Sacred and Inane

from Lake Placid, New York blogger Carpeicthus (which I’m guessing means “seize the icthus”…or perhaps…seize the fish?) S and I joins the great vast left wing conspiracy, though the political commentary is interspersed with a cartoon mood indicator, and other amusing graphics, as well as the goings on in our narrator’s life. The blogroll is a short and sweet lefty all star team.
TD Designation:  Carpathian Sheepdog

Sugar, Mr. Poon

the work of blogger Mr. Poon, who tells us he is a second year law student in Philadelphia, and really likes golf (and he has restrained himself on the Krispy Kremes) and he seems to like the movie “Fletch” (excellent choice – for a while, that movie even made me believe, erroneously, that Chevy Chase should NOT be euthanized).  Mr. Poon’s kinda liberal, and he kinda asks interesting legal questions on his site, and he kinda needs to be reminded: THERE ARE NO FUNNY LAWYERS, ONLY FUNNY PEOPLE WHO MADE CAREER MISTAKES.  Law, (appropriate) political opinions, humor…no way I was gonna like this!!!  This is a refreshing addition, and sweet as…Sugar, Mr. Poon!
TD Designation:   Poos


is the work of Dallas area blogger B.J. Howell, and makes no pretensions of being anything but a proud member of no organized political party (i.e., a Democrat).  The blogroll includes the great lefties (even me) and lotsa political stuff.  The commentary lets it rip, bash Bush?  You betcha!  Politics from everywhere, discussed the right (meaning left!) way.
TD Designation: Strellufstover


The Truth Laid Bear

is the work of Southern California pseudonymous blogger N.Z. Bear (who tells us the N.Z. does NOT stand for New Zealand!).  This blog has something for everyone; it appears on many lists of both left wing AND right wing blogs (I would put clearly it in the latter category, based on the tenor of the political commentary, and blogroll).  N.Z. Bear is the home of the famous “blogging ecosystem” (on which the talking dog is some sort of small rodent, or something) based on linkages AND the Weblog Metadata Initiative.  The blogroll is huge; this is a deservedly very popular site.
TD Designation:  Non-Canine (Bear)

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

is the blog (plus slightly pre-owned cartoons from Salon) of that REAL WORLD superstar cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, a guy who I actually heard of BEFORE I started with the blog stuff.  The cartoons are as good as you think they are, and the political commentary in the blog is of course, brilliant (i.e., TD agreement rate: 100%).  Tom is, if I’m not mistaken, a fellow BROOKLYNITE, adding to the roles of the Vast Left Wing Brooklyn Blogger Conspiracy (if I guess wrong on any of this, I’m sure Tom will tell his half a million monthly visitors!).  The compact blogroll is all lefties all the time (also, extensive cartoon links).  Though Tom may be modest in his choice of dog breeds for himself…
TD Designation:  Top Dog

TalkLeft: the Politics of Crime

is the opus of Denver area criminal defense lawyer, blogger and freedom fighter Jeralyn Merritt.  If the networks dispatched field correspondents to the “war on crime” (which, as we know, impacts greatly on the other wars on — these days, the War on TerrorTM, the War on DrugsTM and the War on PovertyTM), they could not do a more thoughtful or thorough job than TalkLeft.  Jeralyn does not screw around with feigned “objectivity” — she tells you what’s happening, and what it means, and in the wacky world of American injustice, there’s an awful lot of it (injustice) to go around.  Thank God Jeralyn is there to make sure SOMEONE is gonna tell us about it.
TD Designation:  Top Dog/Legal Beagle Mix

Talk A Blue Streak

is the work of Sacramento area blogger Devra, who tells us she now is gainfully employed as a manager in a social services agency, and is a would-be writer and “mommy” to several pussy cats; there are several intriguing photographs on the site, perhaps of Devra herself?  This is an interesting site, with a progressive political slant (reflected in the blogroll), resources section that includes bloggers from California and elsewhere, as well as publications, and additionally has some spiritually related links.  The “blog of the week” contest (readers vote) is of interest as well.  Posts are generally short and sweet.
TD Designation:  Blue Lacy


is the House Blog of the super-liberal American Prospect magazine, and is blatantly and crassly partisan (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  The blog’s authorship is “pseudonymous”; the blogroll features many players already on the dog run (mostly lefties, of course).  TD Designation:  Prazsky Krysavik

Testify!  It’s time to kick some right wing ass!

is blogger Les Dabney’s site.  Honestly, just the name is sufficient grounds to link to this site.  But then, Les is an over the top partisan, fighting the power on all fronts!  The posts are pithy, mean-spirited (you da’ man, Les!) and intended to drive home the point that we live in freaking dangerous times, our current leaders are idiots (or worse) and, you know the rest of the spiel!  Fellow travelers can lap it up, and members of the other team can know they face a formidable partisan (you go, Les).
TD Designation:   Drentse Patrijshond

Them Durn Lib’Ruls

is NOW known as “Soapbox Canyon”, and is the work of mysterious Arizona blogger R.L.G. This is one funny blogger (ha, that way I avoid guessing gender!), with a playful spirited look at the blog world (the right, as in correct, i.e. left part of it) , and the worlds of politics world, national and Arizona.  Different name, same great stuff (we’ll be listing it as both in our blog breed index).
TD Designation:  Field Spaniel

Two Tears in a Bucket

is the work of Orange County California lawyer Ann Salisbury.  This should come as a shock to everyone, but I have incredible admiration for a private practice lawyer that still manages to hold onto their soul, AND have time to blog.  In Ann’s case, to blog brilliantly and pointedly on the major political issues of the day as well.  Ann recently came off a blogging hiatus (or vacation), and we’re glad to have her back — the good guys — friends of liberty who reside on the left of the political spectrum, need articulate, reasoned voices.  Like TTIAB.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle/Border Collie Mix

This Normal Life

is the work of American-in-Israel Brian Blum, who runs this column in various outlets, including his blog and The Jerusalem Post. Brian is a telecom exec living in Israel, telling his personal tale in veritable poetic and elegiac terms (don’t miss the story of his cousin, the late Marla Bennett, killed in the Hebrew University explosion). Brian also gives us his heartfelt views of Israeli politics, with a compact Israel-related blogroll (that I am somehow on).
TD Designation:  Basset Hound

Trivial Pursuits

is the work of Texas-lawyer-blogger Daniel (he clerks for a judge in Austin). Daniel has a compact but “balanced” blogroll, and has modestly progressive political positions (left-libertarian?), and discusses matters legal as well (notably, tort reform, a big issue down Texas way). Welcome to the world of blawg dawgs, Daniel.
TD Designation:  Legal Beagle

Through the Looking Glass

(and what Alice found there?), the seminal blogging work of one Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll’s real name, of course, and we suppose, Charles’ nom de blog).  Charles is becoming a lefty superstar, with witticisms worthy of the masters.  The blogroll is shortish, leaning left to left-libertarian, though the commentary is railing and biting — no mixed messages here.  I like what I see through the looking glass…
TD Designation:  King Charles Spaniel

That Other Blog

the rants and musings of Joe Rospars, who seems to be yet another smart, well-informed, i.e., LIBERAL blogger.  Joe describes himself as a “politics junkie” native Long Islander now living, with his girlfriend, in HER native Stockholm. The blogroll is compact, and well represented in the dog run already.  Like the blogroll, the posts are smart, well-written, and RELEVANT, and do not waste time getting to the point.  The tagline is “Usually interesting, sometimes funny, infrequently read.”  Well, Joe, we’d like to think its only 2 out of 3…
TD Designation:  Border Collie


the work of blogger Tom, who describes himself as “Faithful husband, soccer dad, basset owner, and Peggy Noonan stalker”. He is also an articulate, well-spoken, wild and crazy lefty genius. The blogroll features, well, big lefties (got room for one with a bark and a bite, Tom?). The commentary is crisp, biting…in short, it’s must see T.B[ogg].
TD Designation:  Top Dog/Bassett Hound Mix

Truth is a Blog

is the work of blogger Johnny Bardine, who shows us over and over again that he is a reasonable man. Though nominally in favor of the coming war of aggression, Johnny is opposed to torture (even of al-Qaeda guys), and thinks that the career of Alec Baldwin is proof of God’s wrath towards us, for something or other we did. The blogroll is, well, like mine: leaning left, with some of the important righties on there, because the TRUTH does not ALWAYS conform to our subjective views of it (just mostly!).
TD Designation:  Tyroler Bracke

Talking Points Memo

is another “must link to” site; this is the work of liberal media blog superstar Joshua Micah Marshall, a (naturally) Princeton grad getting his history Ph.D. from Brown, working in Washington as a free lance journalist, and blogger extraordinaire. Josh is a major league guy, and is a REAL journalist (he will actually call people and “report” in his blog, as well as provide his kick-ass mainstream liberal commentary and (happy days!) Bush bashing.
TD Designation: Maremma Sheepdog

Tal G. in Jerusalem

is the work of Israeli blogger Tal G. Tal is a bit unusual for an Israeli blogger (by my estimation): he might have voted Likud. Tal gives a “mainstream” and pragmatic perspective on Israeli life and politics, and is an important voice in Israeli blogging.
TD Designation:  Glen of Imaal Terrier


is the work of pseudonymous conservative blogger Tacitus (named after Roman orator Cornelius Tacitus).  Tacitus does not whine, or name-call; he lays it out and tells it like it is, from a cogent, sensible, factually-detailed perspective (whose only problem is that I often disagree with it), something I’d like to see more of in blogging.  Hence, Tacitus appears as a “token rightie” on many lefty blogs, and a mainstay of many, many more blogrolls everywhere else.  The blogroll leans right, but not exclusively, and consists of majors.
TD Designation:  Tasi

The Truth About Israel

is Brooklyn born Israeli blogger Joel Orr’s tour de force to de-bunk various myths surrounding, well, Israel. Joel has commentary from both himself and from numerous others, and it is compelling reading. I WANT THE TRUTH — get it here.
TD Designation:  Ori Pei

Thinking It Through

is the blog of Professor Thomas Spencer, a historian at Northwest Missouri State University who, interestingly, uses a blog host on the History News Network (if that comes up, click on blogs!) at George Mason University.  The blog is full of mainstream lefty goodies, Bush bashing on fronts including war and peace and economics, as if there were a direction besides distance running (and possibly personal hygiene) in which the President were NOT VULNERABLE to open ideological and personal attack.  But it’s cool this time: it’s a history professor doing the bashing!
TD Designation:  Stabyhoun

Tales from the bathroom scale

is the work of Lori the Diet Chick from Wilmington, North Carolina, where she lives near her mother and with 2 cats (because 3 or more would make her the crazy cat lady). Diet Chick is near her goal weight of 130 lbs., but each week, treats us to the treats she is missing to get there, and muses about other details of her life. This is a unique method of personal statement, and is amusing, often compelling reading.
TD Designation: Lowchen

Thousand Yard Glare

is the work of Arizona blogger and computer maven Jo Brooks.  Jo describes the blog as an outlet for anger at the shrillness of many political discussions (and hence the tile).  I’d describe Jo’s politics as “moderate left” and interesting; there is a link resource section for writers (check out “erotica”), an aspiration Jo and I share.  A soft warm breeze coming at you from the Southwest.
TD Designation:  Native American Indian Dog

To the Barricades!

is the work of Stephen Charest, a liberal firebrand from that hotbed of leftism, Nebraska.  Stephen takes on matters Nebraska, national and international from his landlocked perch, and thankfully, won’t let up on the plutocracy (nice word Steve, but we got ou’selves a KLEPtocracy running ou’ country) that has seized control of our nation.  When the street to street fighting breaks out, be glad we got another one on the good guys’ side.
TD Designation:  Chien de l’Atlas


Unlearned Hand

is the work of a law student at the University of Virginia, who tells us he is committed to serving in our Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps after law school.  [Learned Hand, for those of you fortunate enough not to have attended the first year of law school, was a famous judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals based in New York in the early part of the 20th century, who, in addition to being a brilliant jurist, had a cool name.] Despite this commitment to serve in our military  (or perhaps BECAUSE of this background, UH is a commissioned Second Lieutenant), we get sort of a “war skeptical” approach, or do we?  The political discussion is “well-reasoned” (high praise for a law student!).  The blogroll is distinctly left leaning (though he has a couple of the big righties), though the commentary is NOT AS distinctly left-leaning, maybe it is…or is it?
TD Designation:  Armant

Useful Fools

the work of Arizona blogger John Moore. John tells us he’s conservative, ex-miilitary, and that sort of stuff; John is a software engineer (and confesses to being a former hacker…I hope that’s just a joke, John…and his hobby is meteorology (which sometimes creeps into the blog).  John’s commentary, despite my frequent disagreement with it, is intelligent and interesting.  I actually rather enjoy reading about the stupidities of political correctness, and John doesn’t hold back (although “idiotarian” isn’t a word, at least when John uses it, he’s usually talking about idiots!) John sent me a nice picture of Gizmo, his doggy.
TD Designation:  Yorkshire Terrier

Unqualified Offerings

is the work of Silver Spring, Maryland’s own blog-world superstar Jim Henley, and is the only blog I read more religiously than my own.  Jim is an isolationist libertarian – whatever the &^%$ that is – with this fabulously well written blog jumping around the worlds of politics, libertarianism, pop culture and high culture (music and poetry specialties, Jim being a published poet and all), food, fish, more politics, Jim’s life and that of Mrs. Offering, Offering Boy and Girl and Unqualified Dog, the Matron of the Offerings, et al., and still more politics.  During a rare technical glitch period (the Unseen Editor took a vacation), UO hosted this here blog in exile; I’m proud to say that some of my own best musings (far better stuff than the dreck you read HERE) have made their way to UO, for Jim’s inimitable treatment against that ugly green background.  Jim also has a way of finding the best of everybody else in the blog world, too (while still putting up the best blog in the blog biz.  But enough &^%$ superlatives already.
TD Designation:  Best In Show

U.S.S. Clueless

is the eponymous blog of Steven Den Beste of California; the eponymous part, BTW, is the “clueless”, rather than the “beste”, which this blog is, well, NOT. In fact, Den Beste seems to go out of his way to answer the question of what we would get if the owner of the comic book store in The Simpsons had his own blog. It would have a general Star Trek theme, and would be self-indulgent to the point of nauseating. Den Beste doesn’t put up posts: he puts up daily manifestos, that require not just having the time one could have from not having a job or significant other and living in your parents’ basement to WRITE them, his posts also require a similarly insane amount of time just to READ them. Worse, in substance, the political commentary ranges from “reactionary” to “Neanderthal”. The blogroll is jealously guarded, short, and if one writes to Mr. Den Beste to ask to be on it, one can expect a response as lengthy, incoherent and self-indulgent as one of his posts. It is NOT a good sign that this is one of the most widely read blogs out there.
TD Designation:  Rabid dog, Euthanasia Recommended

Up-side down hippopotamus

is the hilarious ramblings of New York blogger David Buscher.  David spends much time writing about Goblin, his Boston Terrier (a guarantee for you know what later in this post…); indeed, he describes Goblin as looking like an upside down hippo, hence the site name.  Dave’s politics are, well, I told you he’s a New Yorker, didn’t I?
TD Designation:  Boston Terrier


is the work of master lefty blogger Quiddity. This is the blog world equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation of the correct (i.e., liberal) point of view, featuring colorful charts, tables, pictures, and some of the most poignant, hard-hitting commentary you will find. The blogroll leans non-existent.
TD Designation:  Queensland Heeler

An Unsealed Room

is the work of Israeli blogger (via the USA) Allison Kaplan Sommer, formerly a journalist with The Jerusalem Post now living north of Tel Aviv. The perspective is a fascinating one, I would guess to the right of many Israelis, though in no sense, on the right.
TD Designation:  Alano Espanol


Voice from the Commonwealth

is the work of Commonwealth (of Massachusetts) based blogger Zachary Barbera, who tells us he is a small “l” libertarian. His blogroll is relatively small, and indeed, leans toward the libertarian (somehow I’m on it…oh, yes!) The other links are a virtual encyclopedia: news around the world, science, archaeology — this section alone is worth a visit to V from C. And stay for Zach’s well-reasoned commentary on issues of the day.
TD Designation:  Boston Terrier

Vanity Site

the work of blogger Superbe Zizka, is more than an in-depth, brilliant exposition of the liberal position from the standpoint of the left as presently the best means of protecting what’s left of our precious liberties (haven’t seen that before…oh wait!!!), that, and Zizka outdoes me by calling his blog a vanity site IN THE URL!!! Pictures, recommendations to other blogs (hey, how about this one, Z?)…moving graphics…just…a damn good…blog.
TD Designation:  Hungarian Puli

The View From Here

is the work of Israeli blogger Harry R. Harry dishes on Israeli life and politics — from corruption (Harry notes that the new [16th Knesset] has the highest number of members under criminal investigation in the history of the body), to the seamier side of other political life, to details about his own life that are refreshing reading. Like many Israeli bloggers, Harry has a compact blogroll (which I’m proud to be on).
TD Designation: Harrier (sorry)

Veiled 4 Allah

is the work of Al-Muhajabah, “the niquabi paralegal”, who describes herself as studying to be a paralegal, an American convert to Islam of Scotch-Irish and Slovenian descent, a Hopkins grad who worked in the computer field, but her full Muslim dress seemed to be a problem in the high-tech field, and hence, her current career endeavors. The blog includes current events (of interest to a woman of Islam, and interesting in general), Quranic passages, tenets of Islam, and other fascinating material. The blogroll includes Islamic resources and a decently diverse blog list, including some of the bigger Middle East specialists.
TD Designation:  Bedouin Shepherd Dog

The Volokh Conspiracy

is principally the work of UCLA Law Professor and wunderkind Eugene Volokh, and Harvard Law student Sasha (brother of Eugene Volokh), and now apparently at least 9 others, usually legal academics or stellar legal minds. The subject of this super-blog is, of course, legal developments, from an interesting conservative/libertarian perspective (Eugene is a major advocate of Second Amendment rights, for example). I sometimes link to this site for either in-depth, or down and dirty (the site is so versatile, it can provide both) treatment of legal issues, and the site has occasionally linked to me for a bon mot or two I sent in. Though by this point the conspiracy may have grown too big, for those interested in legal and constitutional implications…it’s the conspiracy!
TD Designation:  Legal Eagle/Pointer Mix


Winds of Change

is a multi-party blog, referred to above as Armed Liberal was moving most of his new blogging activity to W of C.  Besides A.L., the site features the work of Joe Katzman, Adil “Muslimpundit” Farooq, Celeste Bilby and Trent Telenko.  It’s an interesting mélange of opinion, and Armed Liberal seems to be the house lefty.  The discussion moves seamlessly from economics to politics to history to politics to culture to politics…  Engaging.  A blogroll remains to be “voted on”.  Remember who loves you, W of C!
TD Designation:  Saluki

Who Would Buy That

is the work of Drue Miller and Shauna Wright and is a “specialty site”, designed to put all of the interesting crap that’s available on auction sites across the internet in one place, so that the offending item and its purchasers can be mocked! What a great idea!
TD Designation:  Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Welcome to the Sideshow

is the work of American ex-pat (she lives in the UK) writer Avedon Carol.  Avedon’s writing has been described as “delightfully catty”.  Avedon is a super-lefty, and her posts are bitter, pointed, often hilarious, and dead on.  Come for the Bush-bashing…
TD Designation:  English Springer Spaniel

Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?

is the work of Cambridge-based academic Iain J. Coleman (he seems to be in the physical sciences attached to Britain’s Antarctic Survey program), with liberal (sensible) politics, and discussions of such liberal (sensible) matters, and PHYSICS (and other matters of general interest). Perhaps we should call him “Dr. Happy” or “Professor Happy”.
TD Designation:  Anglos-Francaises

War Liberal

is the product of Mac Thomasen of Alabama.  Its title conveys a somewhat hawkish though generally moderate lefty, and the posts confirm this view, of what is also a very amusing blogger, with one hell of an extensive blogroll.
TD Designation:  American Blue Gascon Hound

The War Parties Diary

is the work of Dhalia Moore, a Torontonian party (and blogging) animal, who tells us that his mission is to give us “War is in. Who’s wearing what? Who’s going where? Who’s hot and who’s not? Details to follow.” The details do, indeed, follow. It’s hip, it’s happening, it’s:
TD Designation:   Patterdale Terrier

Welcome to Spleenville

is the work of Andrea Harris, one of the wittiest people in the universe.  The posts are punchy, and it’s hard to politically classify Andrea, so I will say “polite libertarian reasonable”.  With the rapier wit.  Great stuff.
TD Designation:  King Charles Spaniel

With Karate I’ll Kick your Ass

is the ramblings of Philadelphia Lawyer-in-training L’il Bucner, who seems to give us few biographical details beyond that, other than a seeming verbal infatuation with synonyms for excrement and other matters like that.  The blogroll is beyond eclectic: it’s downright random (I made it, though I think largely out of reciprocity, and of course, professional courtesy, the same reason I freely swim in shark-infested waters without worry).  LB’s other interests seem to include the law, Phish, computers, someone named Judi, and pop culture.  Too many blogs on my list are so damned serious: this isn’t one of those.
TD Designation:  Japanese Spitz

Where is Raed?

is the work of (presumably) pseudonymous blogger Salam Pax.  This is one brave dude (if he is to believed, and there seems no reason not to believe him) because his point of origin is freaking Baghdad.  Salam is not only witty, but he provides valuable insight on the lives of all the ordinary Iraqi people that are President’s current policies will get killed  (hint: they’re not very different from you and I).
TD Designation:  Papillon


Yada Yada Yada

appears to be the work of bloggers Mobius and Binyamin, and represents “works in progress” on a variety of subjects Jewish that eventually make their way to Jewish Week magazine. Eclectically Jewish is the best description I can come up with, reflected in posts and blogroll.
TD Designation:  East-European Shepherd