The forefront of knowledge

Pissed off at the Neanderthals who run the Kansas State Education apparatus, two leading national scientific and educational organizations have refused to grant the State of Kansas permission to use their copyright with respect to certain materials associated with the teaching of biology, a move expected to slow down, but not stop, Kansas’ asinine decision to teach fairy tales right next to actual science as part of some revisionist “scientific heresy critical studies thing” to satisfy certain religio-fascist extremists.
Obviously, the Kansas State Board of Education has not yet been touched by His Noodly Appendage.
Well, some sign of progress in the universe against reactionary forces of darkness. I guess their answer to “why do you want to render the children of Kansas at a disadvantage against children from other states whose educational leaders don’t have their heads up their ass?” is… well, science is for smart people, so what use would we have for it.
[Stop sugarcoating and tell us what you really think, TD…]