A series of suicide bombing attacks have killed dozens in three Western-affiliated hotels (Days Inn, Grand Hyatt and Radisson) located in Amman, Jordan. Most of the 57 dead appear to be Jordanian nationals, many of them attending a wedding.
The M.O. of coordinated attacks in an Arab country closely aligned with the United States should come as no surprise to anyone; as usual, the victims are primarily innocent locals, with no particular dog in the larger fight.
God damn it. On a day that finally saw the war criminal Judy Miller “retire”… we now get this God damned escalation in the war Judy (and her Times overlords, who share in her criminal culpability) helped divert resources from, and thereby make sure that we could, as a practical matter, never win. Not that the Iimperium really wants to: A.Q. is an extremely useful bogeyman to have out there– even more useful when it’s killing “them” instead of “us”.
So thanks again, Judy, for your service to the Imperium.