Karma could be a bitch (pardon to follow)

John McKay, the former United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington, himself fired at the behest of Karl Rove Alberto Gonzales, says that he believes that the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General will recommend that former A.G. Alberto Gonzales (hey, that’s also A.G. isn’t it… tres freaky, n’est-ce pas?) be prosecuted for lying under oath, to the I.G., to Congress… to whomever!
McKay, a rock-ribbed Republican himself, appointed by George W. Bush to be U.S. Attorney in Seattle, believes that after his own summoning to Washington to testify before the I.G. for around 8 hours, that the I.G. will recommend charges for, inter alia, lying about the political motives for firing him (for not being “aggressive enough” in investigating an election pursuant to which Washington State elected a Democrat as its governor (she won by around 100 votes), and he apparently investigated the killing of an Asst. U.S. Atty., whom the gun lobby didn’t like much, a little “too aggressively”.)
All I can say is that we can all just hope that the I.G. moves this thing along, so that if the Gonz does have to face any actual justice, we can be sure that the (coolest) President (ever!) has sufficient time to issue him an appropriate pardon. (Gonzy has been such a good team player for so long that it would just be so unfair to single him out.) [We’d better not tell that awful Nancy Pelosi that pursuant to the terms of the Constitution, the pardon power might not apply in the event there is an impeachment pending… but, I’m hard-pressed to see what difference it would make if we DO tell her… it would be so partisan to try to do anything mean to the President for looking out for his friends…]