Cats and dogs… living together…

Perhaps another sign of the Apocalpyse… who knows? But John Cole, who, back in those halcyon pre-Iraq war days when I was doing the Dog Run as the Encyclopedia Blogospherica, was solidly in my right wing grouping (though he considered himself more moderate than the views on his site… and he has always proven to be a thoughtful and independent thinker). Today, John Cole tells us he has joined the Democratic Party, and so registered.
Look: anyone who believes in the rule of law, fiscal sanity, caution before engaging in foreign adventures… hell, in any principle at all besides blind allegiance to authority… just has no place in the Republican Party any more.
The GOP is set to give themselves a killing blow in November 2008 (though never discount the Democrats’ ability to kill themselves). The question remains as to whether the GOP, in the next year and change, will take what’s left of our Constitution and republic with them. In the meantime, one more won’t be along for the ride.