A Faustian Deal is a Faustian Deal

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor earthquakes, nor support of nuclear proliferation or Islamist extremists nor imposition of martial law will interfere with American aid from making its rounds into Pakistan. The bet was “all in” on Pervez Musharraf, and so, boys and girls, that’s that. [Perhaps, like another double-dealing politician from the Islamic world always willing to tell us what we wanted to hear, we might call him… Mush-arraf-at– say it three times fast… naaaaaa…]
There’s nothing Pres. Gen. Musharraf can do that will piss off the United States enough to, well, do anything about it, whether that be ceding total control to jihadists in North and South Waziristan, continuing proliferation or outright supporting the Taliban and other Islamist extremists, not doing anything to rein in extremist madrassahs, or in the current case, declaring martial law.
The DeciderTM has decided, and this is the deal. Any questions?