Everybody Heart Rudy

Not. Such as, evidently, Rudy’s predecessor as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as set forth in this Grey Lady Op Ed. Former federal judge and prosecutor John S. Martin, Jr. takes umbrage at St. Rudy’s claims of “having turned around” the Southern District, which Judge Martin rightly notes was, was before, and still is, regarded as just about the finest group of prosecutors in the United States; Judge Martin credits Rudy with not changing much, and also notes that the big-time mafia prosecutions were already in the works before Rudy showed up, and other securities prosecutions came from sources other than Rudy’s will. (We should also note that, just as while mayor Rudy never found a constitutional abuse he didn’t like– and courts saw it that way– prosecutor Rudy, even when he secured convictions, had an impressively high reversal rate from the local Court of Appeals).
I don’t know… I can’t think of a better choice to be the living embodiment of our new Republican Super-hero (after all, Rudy seems to have the ability to withstand scandals that would kill mere mortal candidates)… announcing…
The Tax Cut Fairy: