The case against Obama: character witness

The Baltimore Sun gives us this discussion of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the preacher at Barack Obama’s church, Trinity United in Chicago. The candidate himself regards Rev. Wright as his “spiritual mentor”, and supposedly, BHO’s book title “the audacity of hope” is a phrase originating with Wright. One TD friend recently e-mailed to let me know just how huge a liability Wright’s association with Obama was and will likely become as we move on. Maybe so, but this BaltSun article, at least, is unconvincing on that score.
Yes, Wright has the traditional watermarks enabling one to accuse him of anti-semitism (at one point, joining in the chorus that Zionism is racism, and one of his church’s house organs made Farrakhan its man of the year)… but there is no indication whatsoever that Obama holds any views like this (and we won’t even talk about, say, Ron Paul, who may well).
In some sense, any publicity that establishes that Barack is a Christian (and his church happens to be a mainstay of the White, liberal, largely New England based United Church of Christ) is good news for a candidate still trying to convince many that he is not a Muslim! And to the extent that certain White people will regard Obama’s attendance of an arguably “Black nationalist” (though probably “Black-centric” seems a better adjective) religious institution as troubling, they are likely the same people who wouldn’t vote for Obama (or Nixon, or George W. Bush, if they were running as Democrats) under any circumstances.
Obviously, a lot more is going to come out about Sen. Obama, say, in the next… 18 or 19 days? Stay tuned…
(For the real case against Obama– hint– it’s about the DLC, stupid– check out Digby… who else? Of course, IMHO… the perfect, or even the very good, is the enemy of the good enough… that’s just me.)