Reality bites

The stock markets in Europe and Asia… duly collapsed, to the tune of around 5%, 7%, declines… which are expected to be reflected in a 3%, 4% decline or thereabouts in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other American markets tomorrow.
And finally, a debate worthy of the name… Let the fur fly, Senators! I feel a little bad for Edwards… but then, third place sucks. Especially in a two-way race.
Something to amuse us while we watch our net worths circle the drain, as the government we’re stuck with for the next 364, 365 days is utterly clueless about managing… pretty much anything besides a political campaign.
Finally, apropos of not much, on this Martin Luther King Day… while Sen. Barack Obama was in my college class, TD mother reports that none other than Gen. Colin Powell was in her college class. Go figure.