Calling Dr. Kafka Orwell

Candace again vouchsafes that her client, Abdul al-Ghizzawi, of Libyan nationality, Kabul, Afghanistan domicile and Camp 6, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba apparently permanent residence, has, in addition to contracting tuberculosis, now contracted AIDS there. Chief Justice Roberts, in a surprise to no one, denied Candace’s motion seeking immediate medical treatment for her client, who contracted both TB and AIDS while in American custody. She will now have to seek that relief in other fora.
As Candace sometimes lets me review drafts of her court submissions (including her historic original habeas corpus petition now pending in the United States Supreme Court), I continue to take more than a rooting interest in this situation. The real question is why more Americans don’t seem to be the least bit concerned with this (or even presidential candidates, other than the ravings of some who tell us that the cruelties of Guantanamo should be expanded).
There will come a point in our future when we look back at this era and realize that far from our being any kind of “greatest generation”, this will be far, far less than our finest hour. We will wonder why a nation that once legitimately stood as a shining beacon of human rights has turned the light off and then smashed the bulb and set the lighthouse on fire. At a time when we could have reached deep inside ourselves for greatness, we chose panic and cowardice. Throwing away due process. And of course… the acceptance, if not embrace, of torture.
We will look back at this part of our history and realize… this could have been a moment of greatness– a generational struggle against the forces of nihilism and chaos to create something better. Instead, while we watched, our so-called leaders (both parties, btw) have led us into anything but our finest hour.
War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. Your talking dog is outraged.