Vox Parvi Populi

It’s Sunday, and my Daddy is very tired after finishing the “Bronx Half” this morning… so tired, that he once again doesn’t have the energy to prevent me from taking over his blog. [Bwa ha ha.]
Now you might be thinking that I’m a little too young to be obsessed with celebrities and their goings on and all (like whether Zach and Vanessa are still going out). Well, I have to tell you… I don’t care at all, but other kids I know do, a great deal (“oh, that old canard” says my Daddy). I say “what’s a canard”? and Daddy says “it’s French for duck”. Then he says kind of like “Arbusto is Spanish for shrub (or Bush)”… and I say “what are you talking about?”

Well, there’s Zach. I don’t like him too much. But Daddy says gratuitous postings of teeny-bopper celebrities have been the best thing for his site traffic since Andrew Sullivan linked to his Rumsfeld interview (what is he TALKING about?)
This has been “Vox Parvi Populi”. Happy Sunday to you all.