Call to action

Candace is asking her friends to make a call to action, specifically, as enumerated on her blog here, she’s asking for letters of support for her client, Al-Ghizzawi, now resident of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who is evidently dying of medical neglect at the hands of our government, despite our government’s inability to even say exactly why it is we are holding him in the first place.
Candace has brought an emergency motion before U.S. District Court Judge John Bates with respect to medical treatment, and at this point… is looking for your help. (As usual, since Candace often lets me look at these things while they are being drafted, I have more than a rooting interest in this.)
We’ll see if we can keep up the Gitmo-mentum following Steve Truitt and Charlie Carpenter’s victory in their case where they served the CIA director with a court order to preserve evidence, an order apparently violated when the famous torture tapes were intentionally destroyed. District Court Judge Roberts… is not impressed with the government’s double-talk “explanations.”
In the long road toward restoring the rule of law in this country, hopefully a welcome sign… In the meantime… consider answering Candace’s call to action.