Vox Parvi Populi

Greetings from President Martinez and the White House's first Black Chef.
I managed to talk Daddy down from posting a picture of Bill O’Reilly (whoever that is) and calling this “Fox Parvi Populi,” taking over my rightful spot as Queen of Sunday Morning, and instead, still manage to keep this site as politically relevant as Daddy wishes it were. See above re the cast of “Cory in the House,” a true vision of what a multi-cultural White House might look like, with the only thing truly White being, well, the House.
Cory features, of course, Kyle Massey as Cory, son of the chef, the Jason Dolley character “Newt” standing in for all stupid White men named “Newt”, and the Maiara Walsh character Meena Paroum, from Bahavia, but that accent sounds an awful lot like Lutonian if you ask me. Yes, we can, America!
This has been… Fox VOX Parvi Populi.