Hard hitting blog interview

No, not by me. While this blog prides itself on its original interviews, there is still one blog that proves it can do it better, no matter what it might be. It truly is… the best blog(TM).
To the great Fafblog (now proudly restored to our sidebar), we simply say, “we are not worthy.”
From Fafnir’s interview with Hillary Clinton:

FB: Now, back when your husband was president he cut nine million poor women and children off welfare. But now you’re the candidate of women and poor people and poor workin women. So did you approve of what your husband did at the time, and if not are you going to reverse it as president and give all those poor people their money back?
CLINTON: Ha haaa! That’s an excellent question, Fafnir, and the only way to answer it is with a hearty chuckle followed by a complete non sequitur!

Simply put…we are not worthy.