Lawyer war criminals still out there

The Grey Lady gives us this reminder that the mafia consigliori lawyers in the Bush Administration who crafted the “legal opinions” nominally permitting other government officials to commit torture and other war crimes… are still out there.
Some, like John Yoo, have tenure at a major university in the San Francisco Bay Area. Others, like Jay Bybee, had good timing, and have lifetime tenure on a federal court, also in the Bay Area. Jim Haynes, it seems, got a job with Chevron. Others, however, such as arch-villain David Addington and arch-stooge Alberto Gonzales… are having trouble finding jobs.
As time goes on, and the full extent of their activity in “government service” is eventually disclosed (and make no mistake, “eventually” is a long time, and it will come out), current job woes may prove to be the least of their problems.
These men and so many others who spat on the oaths they took to uphold and defend the Constitution as officials of the United States Government (as well as similar oaths they took when they became attorneys) in the sole interest of expediently advancing the Bush Administration and its political agenda… may find themselves ultimately brought to account, some day, somehow; maybe not all of them, and maybe not for all of their actions, and maybe not to the degree many of us would like.
But somehow, accountability will occur.