Dep’t of more of same and redundancy dep’t

Having blown his “close Guantanamo within a year” promise (and well before then, of course, sacking White House counsel Larry Greg Craig for having the audacity to make him publicly state the promise in the first place)… the Obama Administration proposes an “executive order for permanent detention”… which… is kind of exactly where we are now… isn’t it? Some four dozen men would still be too-dangerous-to-release-but-too-tortured-to-prosecute, trials would have to be by military commission… oh, but there would be some kind of meaningless “review process”… perhaps even every year! As with the terms “enemy combatant” and “war on terror”… the nomenclature will change… but the Kafkaesque horror will continue (at least until morale improves, anyway).
I’ll say this for my old college classmate Barack: one can’t be disappointed when one has no expectations. After all, it’s not as if there were prior executive orders suggesting, say, that Guantanamo Bay’s detention facilities would be closed within a year of Obama’s taking office
Well… thanks to “net neutrality,” at least we can all still freely talk about it all on the open internet… it’s not as if Obama flip-flopped on that too and sold us all out because the hedge fund guys (telecom branch) wanted him to
Every day, in every way, the people of the Obama Administration just want you to know that if there is any material difference between it and the Bush Administration… they must not be doing their jobs right.